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Other qualifications

  • I do not have the proper qualifications. Can I still enrol at the University?

    If you do not have a certificate that grants direct access to a university degree programme, you cannot enrol as a student at the University of Groningen. There are other possibilities:
    • Some degree programmes offer the possibility of enrolling in open lectures.
    • If you are older than 21, you may take a colloquium doctum (entrage examiniation).
    • If you are younger than 21, you may be able to obtain a HBO propaedeutic certificate or take the VWO examination.
    • All regular universities have the same entry requirements. However, the Open University does allow students who do not have a diploma to enrol in its degree programmes.

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  • I have a HAVO diploma. What are my options?

    After passing your HAVO examination, you could study for a year at a HBO institution to obtain the HBO propaedeutic certificate. In principle, any HBO propaedeutic certificate gives access to university. Some Bachelor’s degree programmes have additional entry requirements. Contact the Faculty for more information about these requirements. If you are 21 or over, it may also be possible to take a colloquium doctum.

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  • Admission by means of the preparatory year for non-native speakers

  • Colloquium doctum

    Information about the colloquium doctum and the admissions procedure can be found on the Colloquium doctum page of our website.
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