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Center for Information Technology Video service Lecture registration

What is lecture recording?

Lecture recording is the entire process from recording a lecture to making that lecture available online. The lecture recording is published online together with a recording of the screen - such as a PowerPoint presentation - to allow students to watch the full lecture. There are a number of ways in which a lecturer can have his lecture recorded, but using Presentations2Go is usually considered the most user-friendly. After the lecturer has notified the scheduler that he wishes to have his lecture recorded the rest of the recording process is done automatically and the video will be saved on the RUG video server. Important: In order to have audio recorded as well the lecturer is required to collect a microphone from the reception in the given building.

For who?

Lecture recordings are exceptionally useful for (part-time) students who are unable to be physically present due to a study abroad, work or any other form of absence. In addition video lectures are generally considered to be very useful for students as a register for revising or if students want to watch a lecture at their own pace.

Lecture halls

The table below lists all lecture halls capable of automatic lecture recording.

Room Location Capacity (seats)
1112-0254  Van der Leeuwzaal Academiegebouw 80
1112-0260  Zernikezaal Academiegebouw 80
1112-0347  Offerhauszaal Academiegebouw 370
1112-0351  Geertsemazaal Academiegebouw 270
1124-0253  Oude Rechtbank Oude Boteringestraat 62
1314-0026  Onder de bogen (lecure room 26) Harmoniegebouw 180
1314-0014  Onder de bogen (lecture room 14) Harmoniegebouw 64
2212-0161  Kouwerzaal Muntinggebouw 148
3211-0063  Keuningzaal MWF Complex 297
3211-0004  Boeringzaal MWF Complex
3217-0220  Faberzaal MWF Complex
3219-0061  FMW room 61 MWF Complex 478
3243-1155  Blauwe zaal UMCG MWF Complex
4345-0121  Collegezaal UCG Gebouw UCG Hoendiepskade 560
5159-0029  Energy Academy Europe 29 Energy Academy Europe 203
5161-0105  Bernoulliborg 105 Bernoulliborg 120
5161-0151  Bernoulliborg 151 Bernoulliborg 294
5161-0253  Bernoulliborg 253 Bernoulliborg 130
5263-0005  Aletta Jacobshal 5 Aletta Jacobshal 600
5263-0041  Aletta Jacobshal 41 Aletta Jacobshal 200 (under construction)
5263-0055  Aletta Jacobshal 55 Aletta Jacobshal 450 (under construction)
5412-0020  FEB Blauwe Zaal Duisenberg gebouw 188
5412-0028  FEB room 28 Duisenberg gebouw 68
5412-0031  FEB room 31 Duisenberg gebouw 88
5412-0040  FEB room 40 Duisenberg gebouw 80
5419-0015  Kapteynborg 15 Kapteynborg 266
5419-0112  Kapteynborg 112 Kapteynborg 140
5431-0053  Donald Smitszaal CIT Smitsborg 109
5433-0005  Rode Zaal Paviljoen Duisenberg gebouw 150
5527-0030  Start-up City Kadijk 80
Pathé Pathé 600 (with overflow room)

Scheduling a lecture recording

To have your lecture recorded you need to contact your scheduler. The scheduler can further guide you through the recording process. You can find the schedulers' contact information here. For more information regarding the recording process please visit How do I use lecture recording?

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