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Vacancy for Internship in Vietnam

Date:15 November 2019
Author:prof. dr. Robert Lensink

Bankable Cooperative: Loan Credit administration, Risk management & Due Diligence

We are looking for master or bachelor’s degree students of a Dutch business school/university, preferably from banking and finance background (HEAO Bank and insurance, Business/ financial economics university).

Country: Vietnam
Client: Tan Nong Nguyen Cooperative
Period: 4 months starting January/February 2020
Deadline for application: 6 December 2019
Number of students we need: 1 Dutch student and 1 Vietnamese student

About the author

prof. dr. Robert Lensink
prof. dr. Robert Lensink
prof. dr. Robert Lensink, scientific director CIBIF
Expertise: Finance and Development; Impact Analyses; Experimental Economics; Development Economics