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Daniel te Kaat

Date:01 November 2019
Daniel te Kaat
Daniel te Kaat

I am interested in supervising theses on financial intermediation, in particular on the interaction between cross-border capital flows, monetary policy, economic growth and financial system stability. This includes, for instance, the question of how capital account openness and/or cross-border capital flows affect bank lending and risk-taking. Which firms benefit disproportionately more from financial integration? How does the presence of foreign banks affect bank stability? How does that translate to the real economy (higher investment and/or employment at the firm level etc.)? How does monetary policy affect banks’ (lending) behavior, in a domestic and international setting?

Apart from these topics, I would like to supervise your thesis if you are generally interested in how macroeconomic variables and/or economic policy affect banks and firms. For instance, what is the impact of bank bailouts on bank lending and economic growth? Does monetary policy contribute to a rise in inequality? How does inequality affect bank stability?

In order to model bank and/or firm behavior and to identify the relevant transmission mechanisms, one commonality of all of these topics is the use of micro-level (i.e., bank-level and firm-level) data.