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Bert Scholtens

Date:03 November 2019
Author:prof. dr. Bert Scholtens
Bert Scholtens
Bert Scholtens

Your thesis should be the jewel in the crown of your studies. Therefore, take some time before you decide what you will want to study and what will be the topic of your thesis.

Most of my career is in academia, but I started in the banking industry. Next to my affiliation at the University of Groningen, I am affiliated with the University of Saint Andrews and am visiting professor at Université I Paris (Panthéon-Sorbonne). I have gained wide experience in supervising students writing their thesis. My experience is that students perform best when personal interests align with their topic of study and when there is a good fit with the supervisor; maybe picking the right supervisor is almost as important as picking the right topic of study for the thesis.

My personal interest is in banking, finance and investing in relation to non-financial performance, especially regarding corporate social and environmental performance. This translates to policy advice (e.g., Frijns Committee regarding pension fund management, evaluation of Dutch sustainable finance policy) as well as to academic articles. I have supervised numerous MSc theses in these areas and published several academic studies. These articles are about the topics as such as well as their interaction. Because of my interest and experience, I can support students very well in bringing focus as to the topic and in helping them find out what is optimal to conduct their research. In particular, I try to help students come up with a research design that aims at discovering and critical reflection.




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prof. dr. Bert Scholtens
prof. dr. Bert Scholtens
prof. dr. Bert Scholtens, Hoogleraar Economie & Financiering