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Teaser programme for schools

Students make their decision to apply for a certain undergraduate programme primarily based on a topic of interest (“something with” psychology or economics). Yet it is important for them to know what a programme exactly entails before they decide to enrol. Our teaser programme is in line with that exact question. We offer an interactive guest lecture in which secondary school students get acquainted with the content and the format of education at University College Fryslân (UCF).

Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals

We have developed a dynamic guest lecture in which we start with an interactive quiz that motivates students to think about current day challenges. Next, they get to work in groups with a “Sustainable Development Challenge” where they discuss different SDGs and relate them to their local environment, similar to the way we do this at UCF. As such, we familiarise students in a playful and meaningful way with the content of the GRL programme.

More information

The theme of the challenge and the length of the guest lecture is determined in consultation with you. The guest lecture can be fitted to your class schedule, for example during a philosophy, English or career-orientation class. Please contact Ineke Visser via ucf-grl for further information.

The teaser programme in English
The teaser programme in Dutch

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