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Christmas food blog

Christmas Food Blog: How do holiday eating habits differ across the world?

Date:19 December 2019
Author:Sinead Walsh

The main thing we all miss when away from home is the food. Any time I ask any of my friends what they’re looking forward to most when they go home, the answer is “the food”! However, different cultures have different tastes, different preferences on what’s...

Restaurant at Campus Fryslân

Ten Reasons you Should Reduce your Meat Consumption

Date:04 December 2019
Author:Sinead Walsh
Eating meat used to be seen as a symbol of status, the rich would have meat for every meal, the poor would be lucky if they could have it once a week. Now, look at the world today, it’s the rich celebrities who are on plant-based diets because the rest of us claim that we can’t afford to eat vegan. When, in reality, vegetables are cheaper than meat!
Campus Fryslân in fall

How to survive Autumn in Leeuwarden

Date:14 November 2019
Author:Sinead Walsh
With the leaves turning golden and the first block of exams disappearing in our rear view mirror, Autumn is well and truly upon us. Here are our top tips on how to survive Autumn in the beautiful city that we call home. 
Marc Flessa

Rossini’s Opera: The Barber of Sevilla in the Harmonie in Leeuwarden

Date:13 November 2019
Author:Marc Flessa
There is one thing which seems rather unlikely that anyone would find boring and this was the fantastic enactment of Rossini’s buoyant opera “The Barber of Sevilla” in the Harmonie in Leeuwarden on the 9th of October 2019. 
Sinead, student MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Top Spots to Study in Leeuwarden

Date:17 October 2019
Author:Sinead Walsh
Check out the top spots of study places here in Leeuwarden!
Vincent Boswijk

Salience: Untangling a complex linguistic concept

Date:30 August 2019
Vincent Boswijk discovered that there are many different definitions of the concept of ‘salience’ during the research placement which was part of his Master’s degree programme in Multilingualism. You could say that ‘salience’ means ‘prominence’, but that doesn’t quite cover all its nuances.
Amaranta Luna Arteaga

An international Campus Fryslân

Date:22 August 2019
Author:Campus Fryslân
Amaranta Luna Arteaga (34) is a Student Recruitment & Internationalization Officer at Campus Fryslân. In this blog, Amaranta tells about an international Campus Fryslân.

A summer in Fryslân

Date:24 July 2019
Author:Campus Fryslân
Are you going to spend your summer in Fryslân? Then you could probably use some tips. Discover what Fryslân has to offer and get to know the province!
One t-shirt, one skirt, and one pair of trousers


Date:17 July 2019
Author:Campus Fryslân

Mariska van den Ende and Miron Westerhof, alumni of the master Sustainable Entrepreneurship, together founded their company KRANG. What is KRANG and how did they come up with the idea to start the company?

Our Planet on Netflix

What to watch: sustainable documentaries on Netflix

Date:10 July 2019
Author:Campus Fryslân

It is summer time! Now you have all the time for friends, family, relaxing, vacation and... Netflix. We made a list of groundbreaking documentaries regarding sustainability. Have you seen them all?

Famous horse at the Nieuwestad

Things to do in your first month in Leeuwarden

Date:12 June 2019
Author:Campus Fryslân
When you're new in Leeuwarden, you're probably quite overwhelmed by all the things you can do. Here's a list of our tips to get you started!
Eko Rahmadian

The Use of Big Data for Sustainable Tourism

Date:12 June 2019
Author:Eko Rahmadian
My journey to Campus Fryslan was started on 9th November 2018 when Nuffic NESO Indonesia for the first time held an event “Ph.D. Recruitment Day 2018” where 20 future supervisors from various universities in the Netherlands came to Jakarta to interview the selected Ph.D. applicants from all over Indonesia.
Mariska Helmus

Circular Fashion Games

Date:21 May 2019

Mariska Helmus, student MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship, participated in this year's Circular Fashion Games, an innovative collective fixed at transforming global industries towards a more sustainable and circular mode of operation.

Founders of Hopon

Hopon: Hassle-free Ridesharing

Date:26 April 2019

Sustainably connecting people on their way to work, that’s Hopon. Hopon was founded by Sebastian Karges and Germán Ramos, both students MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2018/2019.

King's Day Leeuwarden

King's Day 2019

Date:26 April 2019

Tomorrow it’s King's Day! Probably one of the best (birthday) parties in the Netherlands. Make sure you are prepared to celebrate it like a Dutchie with our list of traditions.

No More Plastic Bottles

No More Plastic Bottles

Date:15 April 2019

Martin Bakardzhiev, student MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2018/2019, started a crowdfunding campaign for his concept ‘No More Plastic Bottles’.

Meeting dr. Ban Ki-Moon

Honorary Doctorate Ban Ki-moon

Date:28 March 2019
The University of Groningen awarded South-Korean diplomat and politician Mr. Ban Ki-moon with an Honorary Doctorate on 17 October 2018.