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Ramadhan night

An unforgettable Ramadhan in the Netherlands

Date:28 May 2020

Among many values to be learned in Ramadhan are patience and gratitude. I think I’ve learned both in a “hard way” this year. 

Fifteen Netflix Movie Recommendations

Date:28 May 2020
Author:Sinead Walsh
It’s time for a new list of top tips. From classics to new blockbusters: Sinead got it all covered in this new blog with best Netflix Movie Recommendations!
Alina Ruge

My online study experience

Date:27 May 2020

The university has shut its doors due to the current pandemic, and we as students are left in Leeuwarden or in our home countries living with our parents again. We are sitting at home all day, staring at our computers, trying to concentrate and imagine the...


A Mexican exchange student in Leeuwarden: A new world (Part 2/2)

Date:18 May 2020
Author:Campus Fryslân
Time flies and the day arrived. After saying goodbye to friends and family for a while and without realizing, I was on a plane for the first time! Fortunately, I had a really smooth arrival thanks to the staff members and my assigned buddy for my exchange (Daria, who is also Mexican!) who guided me through the procedures and my stay in the Netherlands.
Annelieke's home office

Graduating in pajamas

Date:14 May 2020
Author:Campus Fryslân
Online exams, thesis supervision meetings on Skype and data analysis in my pajama. That is what my life as a master student currently looks like. This is not quite what I expected when I started my master in one of the coolest, newly renovated buildings of Leeuwarden.
dr. Indira van der Zande

What to expect when you study at UCF in 2020 – 2021

Date:14 May 2020
Author:Campus Fryslân
The last months before heading off to college usually look like this: you prepare to move away from your parents, you look up all the study associations at the university, you say goodbye to your high school friends and you may even try to cook a meal on your own. Unfortunately, students this year have very different things on their minds. 

A Mexican exchange student in Leeuwarden: Netherlands, I unexpectedly love you! (Part 1/2)

Date:07 May 2020
Author:Campus Fryslân

Hello everyone! My name is Alda and I’m doing my exchange at Campus Fryslân. The story of my exchange is quite a hilarious and intricate one. Firstly, because I never imagined I would end in the Netherlands. I prepared myself for an exchange in Germany,...

Sinead Walsh

Ten YouTube Recommendations to keep yourself entertained during Social Isolation

Date:28 April 2020
Author:Sinead Walsh

As the weeks go by and life is largely online, I can enjoy hours and hours with what YouTube has to offer. From entertainment to educational and healthy videos, YouTube has it all. Here are my best recommendations!

Pieter Polhuis

A Day in the Life... LLM Governance & Law in Digital Society

Date:22 April 2020
What does a day in the life of a GLDS student look like? Pieter Polhuis tells you all about it!
Oskar Gstrein

Staying Safe in times of the Coronavirus pandemic: Also a matter of ‘digital hygiene’

Date:15 April 2020
Author:Oskar Gstrein

The current pandemic requires increased attention for the physical and psychological health of ourselves and our loved ones. Many people are working from home to distance themselves from society. However, the growing reliance on technology also demands...