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Working at Campus Fryslân

Staff testimonials

Rowan-Niels Spinder, Relationship Officer

I’m now working for almost one year for the Campus Fryslân as the Relationship Officer, for me it’s the most interesting environment where I have ever worked. It’s a diverse, international and interdisciplinary organisation with the focus on collaboration. Getting the job done with the resources we have and together with (inter)national and regional organisations we’re working with.

I studied Applied Psychology at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Next, I worked for the municipality of Smallingerland and later at Brunel. My job there included finding the right candidate for a job, which is basically what I am doing here. As a Relationship Officer I maintain contacts with organizations. I determine what they can do for our students, and vice versa. We try to provide our bachelor’s and master’s students with the best place for their research. That is the biggest challenge: to find a research position where the student can test the knowledge gained in practice. Not staying within their university’s walls, but trying it out for real, this is based on our slogan: ‘’Global Challenges, Local solutions’’.

Working in Campus Fryslân means room for initiative and good ideas. As as Frisian I’m really proud that Fryslân has its own UG-Faculty.

Sepideh Yousefzadeh, Lecturer

Soon it will be two years since I joined Campus Fryslân in beautiful Leeuwarden. I teach and conduct research in areas related to global health. Teaching has always had a special place in my heart and teaching young students, in particular, brings me hope and warms my heart. It constantly provides me with insights and inspirations. But, bringing all those insights, thoughts and inspirations to life, requires open-minded and supportive colleagues to walk with us on a creative journey. So far, my experience at this campus has been nothing but a creative and joyful path. I enjoy working with colleagues who are excited and enthusiastic about the ideas I share with them and accompany me in giving them life. For me, Campus Fryslân is where the mind meets the heart.

Engelien Reitsma, Manager Business Development & Public Affairs

When Campus Fryslân was established, I knew straight away that I wanted to be a part of this adventure. I truly believe in the relevance of the faculty, its importance and its ability to connect global challenges to local solutions. For the first few years I was active in the domain of marketing, communications and international affairs, and later on in business development and public affairs. My entrepreneurial mindset thrives by the space I experience in exploring opportunities and taking the next steps in transforming ideas into practice. Every step we take contributes to a better world for future generations and this is definitely something worthwhile for me to wake up in the morning.

Chantal Vrijhof, Education Policy Advisor

I’m working as a policy officer for Education and Student Affairs at Campus Fryslân. I moved from Brabant to Leeuwarden about 3 years ago, because my husband found a job here. I worked at a college; first as a teacher, later I became involved in setting up a branch in Limburg. Setting up something new, and thereby pioneering, really pleased me. Coincidentally, I ended up in Leeuwarden, where the University of Groningen was also pioneering with the development of Campus Fryslân.

In my role as a policy officer I have a wide variety of tasks, including the co-development of new master programs, quality assurance, language and culture policy, but also setting up the educational organization and logistics. My previous experience at the university came in handy here. We work in a diverse and international team, which makes the interactions very fun and interesting. Everyone has one goal in mind, and that is what makes Campus Fryslân a great success. I look forward to the start of the programmes in September. Then the students will mirror us if we have really thought of everything!

Tim van Zutphen, Health & Food Programme Manager

For me working at Campus Fryslân is really something else. Like most that have worked in research, my surroundings often consisted of people with more or less similar backgrounds, at least, that’s not how I looked at it then, but compared to the diversity in this new faculty it definitely was.

To put the ambition into practice to really become interdisciplinary turned out to require serious effort, as it makes you go outside of your comfort zone to explore where two or even more fields together have added value in solving relevant questions. Healthy ageing as a focus area of the university, may be one of the most tangible illustrations, as many fields of expertise including medical, behavioral, nutritional, political and cultural sciences will need to join forces to be able to make a difference in preventing disease and increase healthy years of life.

As faculties don’t arise on a daily basis, starting from scratch provides the exceptional opportunity to shape our own future but it also entails earning a spot as the new kid on the block and actively going out there to look for structural partnerships. All and all an exciting place to work in a team full of energy that comes naturally with the birth of a new faculty.

Oskar Gstrein, Assistant Professor Governance and Innovation

Dr. Oskar Gstrein, Assistant Professor Governance and Innovation

Working at Campus Fryslân is an exciting journey that invites you to reimagine your perspective on the world and immerse yourself in the forefront of academic exploration. Nestled within our vibrant interdisciplinary community, our Faculty truly shines when we embark on a journey to uncover innovative solutions for the pressing challenges that confront us daily in our quickly changing world.

Imagine delving into the profound intricacies of digital transformation, identity, privacy, justice, equality, and the crucial issues of sustainability and climate change. These aren't topics with neatly packaged instruction manuals; they demand the combined wisdom, expertise, and experiences of creative minds with different perspectives to pave the way for a more enlightened, dignified, and inclusive future.

At Campus Fryslân, we not only prepare our students to navigate this complex and dynamic world but also empower them with the knowledge and insights required to make a meaningful impact on both our local community and the global stage. Through cutting-edge research and extensive outreach initiatives, our academic community collaborates with stakeholders at local, national, and international levels, bridging the gap between the 'ivory tower' and those dedicated to driving real-world change.

Maple (Naprapai) Mook, Educational Secretary & Secretarial Support to the Board of Examiners

Maple (Naprapai) Mook, Educational Secretary & Secretarial Support to the Board of Examiners

I recently started within the department of Educational Administration as Educational Secretary and Administrative Secretary to the Board of Examiners. Before taking on this role, I worked in the Educational Administration Department and Student Support at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Prior to that I served as an Account Manager at an import company near Zwolle, and before that I was a French teacher at a high school in Friesland. When I heard about the job opening at Campus Fryslan, I could not let the opportunity pass and decide to apply. Being an alumna of the Multilingualism program in the Faculty of Arts, hosted in Campus Fryslan, and residing in Leeuwarden, made this role appealing for me.

I have ambitions to be a part of a prestigious institution and to align it with my passion in education. This role presents a great opportunity for me. In my position at the Student Service Desk, I interact with students, assisting them with their requests. By working in the educational administration, I handle inquiries from various parties, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the process. In this capacity, I act as a facilitator in the learning process. Additionally, my role as Administrative Secretary to the Board of Examiners has broadened my perspective on the quality of examinations, an area of interest during my studies.

Since joining Campus Fryslân, I have the impression that everyone is open to feedback and changes. The campus hosts active social meetings on various occasions. I can feel that everyone is committed to making Campus Fryslân the best possible organization and is not hesitant to take action for improvement.

Friso Timmenga, PhD Student Governance and Innovation

Friso Timmenga, PhD Student Governance and Innovation

Being a PhD researcher at Campus Fryslân has been an exceptionally enriching experience so far. The interdisciplinary character of the faculty opens the door to a diverse range of intellectual conversations and pushes researchers to explore questions beyond their discipline’s boundaries. The faculty’s commitment to academic excellence stimulates an environment that encourages cutting-edge research and collaboration.

However, what sets this faculty apart is not just the academic rigor, but also the warm and supportive community of PhD researchers, creating a conducive space for personal and academic growth. This strong sense of community has enhanced my PhD journey and has offered a collaborative space where ideas can flourish.

Even though pursuing your research in an interdisciplinary setting might sound challenging, I truly believe that such an environment ultimately leads to higher quality research. Therefore, if you seek a PhD journey that transcends traditional academic boundaries, with interdisciplinary perspectives and a supportive community, I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider choosing Campus Fryslân as your new academic home!

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