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Implementation of the 'Soft Cut' between HBO Propedeuse and WO Bachelor

Due to the corona crisis, and the related measures that have been taken in many countries, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has again decided to give institutions the opportunity to, under certain circumstances, allow students to already participate in a master's programme without having completed their bachelor’s programme. The so-called 'hard cut' has been converted into a 'soft cut'. Below is a detailed explanation of how this will be implemented for the Bachelor of Global Responsibility & Leadership of Campus Fryslân.


- We will allow a maximum deficiency of 15 ECTS.

- The deficiency may consist of 1 course. The student must be able to demonstrate that the largest part of the course has been completed and that only minor parts are lacking, for example because they have not been able to complete an assignment, or were not able to take the examination. Proof of this can for example be a letter by a teacher of the course.

- The last day on which the propedeuse can be obtained is 1 October 2021.


Students need to request the admissions board for approval for the deficiency, via email: ucf-grl

- The Admissions Board will then examine on an individual basis whether he/she a) meets the above requirements and b) whether he/she can reasonably complete the propedeuse course(s) in addition to following the bachelor in Global Responsibility & Leadership.

Last modified:29 June 2021 3.47 p.m.