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BSc Data Science & Society

Why study Data Science at Campus Fryslân?

✔ A unique combination of data science and society

✔ Small-scale and hands-on education

✔ International community

✔ Field projects with local and global partners

About Data Science & Society

Studying Data Science & Society means studying in a fast learning environment where digitalisation is the beating heart of everything we do. It is an interdisciplinary programme, meaning that you will learn to work with many different topics and methods to solve challenges that cannot be addressed by one discipline alone. During the BSc Data Science & Society you will explore questions such as:

  • Why can’t Google Maps recommend the most beautiful
    hiking routes?

  • Could facial recognition systems make racist decisions?

  • How can we design technologies that
    protect human rights?

More and more companies or institutions face challenges related to digitalisation and datafication. To effectively solve the digital challenges of today, you can’t rely on mathematical or technical skills alone. Hence, the BSc Data Science & Society makes you ready for the future of data.


→ In the first year, you will become familiar with the main aspects of the topics in the curriculum: what is data science and society? You will learn the basics of the relevant programming skills and become familiar with the governance and regulations that come into play when talking about data and technology. Also, you will take a look at human rights in relation to data and you will learn about the creation and use of data.

In the second half of the first year you will increasingly develop statistical skills that you need in the rest of the programme and mainly in the first blocks of year two.

→ In the second year you will start working with problem solving and modeling. Additionally, you will further build on topics such as governance and human rights. After the first half of the programme, you have sufficient core knowledge and skills to continue with one of the specializations: Cognitive Technology or Regulation, Governance and Innovation.

During the third and fourth block of year 2, you will start following courses in your chosen specialization. During these blocks, you will also do a Field Project, during which you will work with partners from the private and public sector on their challenges in relation to data science and society.

→ In year three, the first two blocks are dedicated to the minor space: here you can choose to deepen or broaden your programme by taking a minor abroad, following a specially designed premaster or composing your own personal minor.

In the third block of year 3 you will again follow courses in your chosen specialization. In the last block of the programme you will write your bachelor thesis which will be the concluding work of the programme.


Entry requirements



Passing grade for VWO English

Passing grade for VWO Mathematics A

TOEFL iBT: 90 (min. 18 on section scores)

VWO Mathematics B

IELTS (Academic): 6.5 (min. 6.0 on section scores)

International equivalent to the above

Cambridge C1 CAE

Cambridge C2 CPE Certificate with grade A, B or C

Admission requirements

A Dutch VWO-diploma with any profile (or equivalent international high school diploma), or having obtained a HBO-propaedeutic certificate with a passing grade for VWO Mathematics A or VWO Mathematics B (or the international equivalent) and a passing grade for VWO English (or proof of sufficient proficiency by means of an English language test)

Career perspectives

After your studies

After graduation, you can enter the job market to start working in the public or private sector as for example data analyst or data steward. Also, you can - dependent on your chosen specialization - choose to continue a master programme in the field of data science or societal studies.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of the programme you will learn to communicate and work together with people from different backgrounds, which is a skill that is highly relevant for the current labour market. DSS graduates will be bridge builders between different disciplines to make sure that there is a balance between what is possible with data and what societal implications it might have.

Job Market

You will be prepared to work with data and society related challenges in a very broad perspective. As the programme works with many real-life cases, you will be in contact with potential employers. Since digitalisation is (and will stay) a fast-emerging topic, the challenges that will have to be solved by graduates from the DSS programme are still there for years to come.


The Data Research Centre (DRC) at Campus Fryslân combines expertise in data science with critical insight on interactions between society and technology. It functions as a co-creation space between researchers, students, and external stakeholders for research in all disciplines that connect to the domains of data science and its societal implications. The DRC puts a particular emphasis on cross-disciplinary research. It aims to contribute concrete solutions based on reflective and critical analysis with a holistic approach and across disciplinary and cultural borders.

Student Profile

We are looking for students who are interested in data and the impact and/or relevance of data in society, feel comfortable with solving puzzles and doing math, are interested in societal challenges and can collaborate with students with other interests than their own.

If you are both hands-on to work with the practical side of data and are able to take a step back and reflect on the implications of your actions, then this is the programme for you.


You can always ask any questions you may have via email:

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