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BSc Data Science and Society

Data Science and Society
Data Science and Society

✔ A unique combination of data science and society

✔ Discover data-driven solutions in a fair, responsible and sustainable way

✔ Work hands-on and reflect on the implications of your actions

✔ Get connected with professionals via projects that tackle real-live problems

✔ Become a valuable team player

About Data Science and Society*

Studying Data Science and Society means studying in a fast learning environment where digitalisation is the beating heart of everything we do. It is an interdisciplinary programme, meaning that you will learn to work with many different topics and methods to solve challenges that cannot be addressed by one discipline alone. During the BSc Data Science and Society you will explore questions such as:

  • Why can’t Google Maps recommend the most beautiful
    hiking routes?
  • Could facial recognition systems make
    racist decisions?
  • How can we design technologies that
    protect human rights?

It’s hard to find a company or institution that doesn’t face challenges related to digitalisation. To effectively solve the digital challenges of today, you can’t rely on mathematical or technical skills alone. Hence, the MSc Data Science and Society is very relevant.

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You can always ask any questions you may have via email: cf-dss

* This programme is currently pending on accreditation.

This programme received a positive advice from the accreditation panel and awaits its final decision.

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