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Studying in Leeuwarden

Welcome to Leeuwarden
Welcome to Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is the capital and the economic and cultural centre of the greenest and most beautiful province of the Netherlands; Friesland. Leeuwarden is gaining popularity among students. There is plenty to do in the historical centre of Leeuwarden.

When the weather is nice, the terraces near the cannals in the city centre, are filled with people. There are several theatres where students can enjoy good movies, music or musicals. There are plenty of pubs and clubs for students to have fun on the weekends. There are also various student associations in Leeuwarden you can join.

Leeuwarden is a relatively small city with about 107.000 inhabitants. Wherever you live in Leeuwarden, the city centre is not far away. The best way to travel in Leeuwarden, as in most cities in the Netherlands, is by bike. In Leeuwarden you can find several shops that sell new or second-hand bicycles.

Leeuwarden Studiestad

Leeuwarden Studiestad is a foundation dedicated to making your time as a student in Leeuwarden as pleasant and fun as can be. Leeuwarden Studiestad also gives you information on sports in Leeuwarden and on how to find the house of your dreams in Leeuwarden.

In addition, Leeuwarden studiestad is responsible for the annual event Leip! intro. The introduction period for all new students in Leeuwarden. Curious about Leeuwarden as a student city? Watch the video below!

Study areas in Tresoar

In Tresoar, there is an available study area. Tresoar is primarily a research institute. Anyone can do research there in the rich collection of resources about the history, culture and language of Friesland. Through the website you have access to many databases which makes it possible to do research from home. For several special research opportunities so-called "zoekwijzers" are created, that can help you get started .

To request books and records that are not in the study hall you need a (free) card. Do not forget your ID. If you want to borrow books, you will need a membershipcard. For students it costs 6.75 euro per year. For that amount you can borrow almost an unlimited amount of books.

Leeuwarden, events city

There is plenty to do in Leeuwarden. Every year there are more than 50 national and international events. An overview of these events can be found on (in Ducth). Leeuwarden has been elected as Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.
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