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About us Campus Fryslân Research at Campus Fryslân Frisian flagships Centre for Internationalisation of Education

Centre for Internationalistion of Education

The Centre for Internationalisation of Education (CIE) was borne under the auspices of the Fryslân Higher Education Accord (HOAF) in which the HEIs in Fryslân agreed to cooperate to strengthen higher education in the province. It was signed on the 24th of June 2016. CIE is a collaboration of NHLStenden University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen, Campus Fryslân.

The CIE is developing expertise in, and conducting research into, the internationalisation of education. This refers to all sectors and levels of education. This is based on the premise that the internationalisation of education should start in primary education to ensure that at any time someone leaves education, they are equipped with the skills and insights that are necessary for effective functioning, subject to the level of qualification, in the increasingly globalised world.

Research into the facets of internationalisation of education at CIE is circumscribed by the following statement:

Research into the impact of and drivers for (interventions that can be grouped under the heading of) internationalisation as carried out by education institutions on the development of graduate attributes and their application to life or professional skills, development of the educational institution, and societal effects at the regional, national, or supranational level. Ultimately the research conducted at CIE is to promote that the effects of activities carried out under the umbrella of internationalisation of education become better understood. The research can also include work on policy, strategy, and implementation and/or the link between these. The CIE invites the use of interdisciplinary approaches and mixed methods of research.

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