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Research projects Sustainable Economy

Below an overview of all research within the flagship Sustainable Economy

Name project Description Researchers/Research partners Financed by Start & (expected) end date
PROWAD Link The PROWAD Link project aims to unlock the potential of natural areas as a driver for jobs and sustainable development. We do this by working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We consider (1) the challenges SMEs face in World Heritage site contexts, and (2) how best to help them sue sustainable entreprenuership to integrate natural and heritage assets into their business models in a way that simultaneoulsy stimulates economic success and nature protection. Dr Thomas B. Long, Prof. Gjalt de Jong, Hellen Dawo Interreg VB 01-09-2019 - 31-08-2021
Inclusive circular economy in social housing This project investigates the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy for social housing associations. It focuses on circular business model strategies and the combination of ecological goals and the social context (socila behaviour, perspectives and value) within these strategies using social-ecological systems theory and a network perspective. Using interviews, focus groups and an action research approach this project tries to find ways in which we can create a socially inclusive circular economy. Manon Eikelenboom; supervisors dr. Thomas B. Long & prof. Gjalt de Jong; other parties: The housing association Housing association 01-09-2018 - 01-09-2021
Dynamic capabilities and sustainability performance in SMEs This project investigated the sustainability performance of SMEs in Friesland. It investigated the influence of leadership and dynamic capabilities on social, economic and environmental performance in these SMEs using a survey. Results show that external integration with parties in the network is highly important. Manon Eikelenboom; supervisors dr. Thomas B. Long & prof. Gjalt de Jong University of Groningen 01-09-2017 - 01-09-2018
Circularity among Frysian SMEs This project investigates circularity among SMEs in Friesland. It investigates opportunities, challenges and capabilities for the circular economy using a survey. Manon Eikelenboom; supervisors dr. Thomas B. Long & prof. Gjalt de Jong; other parties: province of Friesland University of Groningen 01-09-2018 - 01-09-2021
Sustainable entrepreneurship as a solution to social and environmental problems Social and environmental problems provide major challenges to the world nowadays. Sustainable entrepreneurs aim to solve some of these problems by introducing new innovations, new organizational forms and new business models. We aim to shed light on the process of translating social and environmental problems into opportunities for new sustainable businesses. M.P.M. Enthoven, G. de Jong, A.B. Unal, E.C. Folmer University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân 01-10-2016 - 31-09-2020
Spark the Movement How can we transform our educational system from a lineair and segregated model into acircularmodel, that is, one that takes up an integral or holistic approach? Yet, if we want to make clear how we should organize our schools, we should also answer the questions: why do we organize learning and to what purpose? Together with a wide variety of people from the educational field as well as with scientists, students, companies and governmental organsations we work in a lving lab to find out the answers. In non-formal cooperation with i.e. Prof Dr Arjen Wals (WUR) Vereniging Circulair Friesland 01-09-2019 - 01-02-2020
The cognitive processes behind sustainable enterprising The process of setting up and successfully expanding a sustainable enterprise is subject to potential tensions between sustainability and profitability. In this research we explore which cognitive and socio-psychological factors determine whether individuals are willing to start a sustainable enterprise and how they deal with the inherent complexities of expanding a company with apparently conflicting goals (i.e. sustainability and profitability). H.N. Thelken, G. de Jong, A.B. Unal University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân 01-02-2017 - 31-01-2021

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