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Research projects Governance & Data Research

Below an overview of all research within the flagship Governance & Data Research.

Project Description Researchers/Research partners Financed by Start & (expected) end date
Cutting Crime Impact The aim of the Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) project is to enable Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and security policymakers to adopt a preventative, evidencebased and sustainable approach to tackling high-impact petty crime. Tailored to the needs of end-users, CCI will design, develop and demonstrate four Toolkits covering: (i) predictive policing; (ii) community policing; (iii) crime prevention through urban design and planning; and (iv) measuring and mitigating citizens’ feelings of insecurity. Andrej J. Zwitter; Anno Bunnik; Oskar J. Gstrein European Union 01-10-2018 - 30-09-2021
Sustaining Heterogeneous Knowledge Infrastructures There is a class of knowledge infrastructures that are heterogeneous not only because of their multidisciplinary scope, but also because of the different epistemologies and temporalities they connect. For example, biodiversity knowledge infrastructures can connect citizen science, long term demographic studies and lab-based work. What are the dynamics that enable such infrastructures to exist across socio-technical networks and over time? And how do such knowledge infrastructures sustain knowledge claims, when a range of different mechanisms of trust and different types of objectivity co-exist? Conservation Ecology Group, University of Groningen University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân 01-09-2019
Regional disparities and regional identity politics In the process globalization some people and some places are left behind. Recent election results, growing economic inequalities, late forms of resistance and new social movements have (re)fueled debates on regional disparities. In this research we explore economic and cultural disparities of regional communities in light of identity politics. We use a sociological apparoach to grasp the social dynamics of regional identity politics. B. (Bram) van Vulpen (Campus Fryslân); supervisor: prof. dr. C.F. (Caspar) van den Berg (Campus Fryslân) University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân 01-11-2018 - 31-10-2022
The politics behind the transition towards a circular economy In the last decade, various governments, civil society organisations and business - all across Europe - have expressed their desire to become a frontrunner in the transition towards a circular economy. However, do they mean the same when talking about the circular economy? The aim of this project is to identify driving forces behind a shared understanding of the concept of a circular economy in a specific (territorial) region. By having a specific interest in regions, the interactions within the region are of importance, as well as the interaction between various levels of governance. A. (Abe) Hendriks (Campus Fryslân); supervisor: prof. dr. C.F. (Caspar) van den Berg (Campus Fryslân) University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân 01-07-2018 - 31-06-2022

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