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UPDATE: CANCELLED Campus College: Nick Emlen

When:Th 29-09-2022 20:00 - 23:00
Where:The Beurs

Cocaine, conflict, and Indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon

The places in South America where the coca leaf is grown—remote, high-elevation rainforests around the equator—are also home to dozens of Indigenous Amazonian peoples. While consumption of the coca leaf is a traditional practice among many of those people, the use of their territories by cocaine producers and traffickers has recently emerged as a major and destabilizing force in their lives. In this presentation, Nick discusses the experiences of the Indigenous Matsigenka people as bystanders to the emerging cocaine trade in the Southern Peruvian Amazon. He contextualizes this development within the broader social and economic transformations currently under way in the region, including a large migratory influx from the nearby Andean highlands, the ongoing expansion of the coffee economy into the rainforest, and the extraction of natural gas from underneath Matsigenka territory.