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Online Master's week: Tourism Geography and Planning

When:We 24-03-2021 15:00 - 16:00
MSc Tourism Geography and Planning
MSc Tourism Geography and Planning

Find out all you need to know about the Master's Tourism Geography and Planning during this interactive webinar. You will learn more about the programme and you can ask staff and students questions via a chat function.

Which impacts does tourism have on the social, cultural, environmental, and spatial characteristics of an area? How do tourists influence and are influenced by places and cultures? You will tackle these questions and study the interactions between tourists, visitors, local communities, and the natural, and build environment in detail in the MSc. Cultural Geography, Tourism Geography and Planning track. The track’s approach to tourism is transdisciplinary involving disciplines such as history, anthropology, psychology, spatial planning, and hospitality studies in the curriculum and a dialogue with global and local actors in (sustainable) tourism development.


In order to take part in the Online Master's Week you will need to register.

More information?

For questions about the Master’s event or the programme, you can send an e-mail to cf-masters