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University Committee for Academic Practice (UCW)

The University Committee for Academic Practice (Universitaire Commissie Wetenschapsbeoefening, UCW) is an independent advisory committee of the Board of the University. The UCW advises the Board of the University on matters concerning academic practice within the RUG, both on request and independently, with the aim of contributing to the continuous improvement of the quality of research.

The main task of the UCW is to advise the Board of the University in matters concerning quality assurance of research. The UCW is consulted about the University's strategic plan and can provide advice on all issues regarding research and research infrastructure.

Faculties may ask the UCW for advice in establishing collaborative programs between faculties or with external partners.

Current Members

Name For Telephone E-mail
dr. K. (Kristina) Linke staff party "Uraad" 33829
Prof. dr. G.H. van Kooten Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies 38017
Prof. dr. mr. F.A. Nelissen Faculty of Law 36882
Prof. dr. R.H. Teunter Faculty of Economics and Business 38617
Prof. dr. H.J. Verkade Faculty of Medical Sciences 34147
Prof. dr. A.J. Koole Faculty of Arts 38548
Prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) Steg Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences 36482
Prof. dr. H.W.G.M. Boddeke Faculty of Medical Sciences 32701
Prof. dr. M. (Martin) Lenz Faculty of Philosophy 38392
Prof. dr. ir. E. van der Giessen Chairman (FSE) 38046
prof. dr. C.H. Mulder Vice-chairman (FRW) 34549
Prof. dr. E. Sterken Rector, Board of the University 35290
Dr. A. Schuster-Koster Research & Funding (secretary) +31 6 28 29 1445
S. Abeshzadeh student-assesor
S.A.L. Smaal Student
H.S. Siebe Student
F. Birkenholz PhD-student

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