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Advisory Committee for Introductory Periods and Incidents (ACII)

The ACII gives advice about student safety during the introductory periods for the student organizations (for example, student associations, study associations, sport organizations, KEI and ESN). The ACII also collects all reports of incidents from within student organizations during the entire year and can provide the board of student organizations with advice on the treatment of incidents if necessary. Student organizations are asked to report all incidents to the ACII. The ACII is an advisory committee that means that the associations remain responsible for the actual safety within the student organizations.

Duties of the ACII

  • Provide information about safety and risks during the introductory period of the student associations, study associations, sport organizations, KEI and ESN.
  • Support these student organizations in drawing up a safety manual for the introductory period:
    > Explanation of the ACII Safety Plan.
    > Format for a safety plan.
  • Every year, provides students organizations' safety plans with advice.
  • Is the point of contact in case of incidents and advises on the handling of incidents throughout the year, including outside of induction periods.

ACII members

The ACII has nine members. They are members of the ACII in a personal capacity.

  • Vincia Storm de Grave (Chair ACII), Manager Studentenzaken, Hanze UAS
  • Eugenie van Olffen, Student affairs, Hanze UAS
  • Hilde Koops, Educational Coördinator Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, UG
  • Monique Berends, Trainer & Student counsellor, Student Service Centrum, UG
  • Annelène Hofstetter, Policy advisor Integral Safety, UG
  • Sander van der Dussen, student Technische Bedrijfskunde, Hanze UAS
  • Mateo Bril, student Behavioral and cognitive neurosciences, UG
  • Jorrit Hofstra, student Communication & Multimedia Design, Hanze UAS
  • Femke Munniksma (secretaris ACII), Policy Officer Student Policy, UG

ACII contact details

  • Web page: ACII
  • Email address: aci
  • Postal address: Broerstraat 5, 9712 CP Groningen

History of ACII

ACII was founded in 1998 by the student associations and the Boards of the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. In recent years it has been responsible for:

  • the increasing quality of the safety manuals,
  • the increasing awareness of the risks of, for example, lack of sleep or alcohol consumption,
  • the increasing responsibility on the part of the associations for the introductory activities.

Reporting incident

Would you like to report an incident? You can do so via this form. Of course, you can also reach the ACII by phone, but we would like to ask you to also report the incident via this form.

Vincia Storm de Grave (chair):  06 24203504
Femke Munniksma (secretary): 06 31985265

Please note: from 5 to 11 August and from 19 to 26 August due to absence of the chair and secretary:

Annelène Hofstetter (Member ACII): 06 3198 5407

The reports will be handled and processed in line with the privacy statement of the ACII.

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