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University Committee for Education (UCO)

University Committee for Education (UCO)

The University Committee for Education is an independent advisory committee of the Board of the University.

The committee is composed in the following way. Each faculty is represented by one member. Besides that, the University Council is represented by one member. To properly promote the interests of students, the committee has four independent student members. The committee is supported by a secretary from the Department of Educational Strategy and Quality Assurance of the University Services.


The committee has three main duties. Firstly, it advises the Board of the University on educational matters within the RUG, both on request and independently. For this, the Board of the University invites the committee at an early stage to join them in considering important (new) issues in educational policy. Secondly, the committee plays a role in the monitoring and evaluation of policies. A part of this is also the encouragement of the sharing of best practices. Thirdly, the committee monitors the quality of education through providing support in the PDCA-cycle, for example by advising the Board of the University on matters regarding the self-analysis reports that programmes compile as part of the preparation process for NVAO accreditations.

The UCO regulations are available online.

Current Members

Name On behalf of / Role Email

Dr. ir. C.J.G. (Gerco) Onderwater 

Science and Engineering / Chair


Drs. M.M. (Marieke) Blaauw  University of Groningen Honours College marieke.blaauw
Dr. A.M. (Anke) van Trigt  Faculty of Medical Sciences a.m.van.trigt
Dr. E.K. (Erin) Wilson  Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies e.k.wilson
Dr. P.P.M (Peter) Smid  Economie en Bedrijfskunde p.p.m.smid
Dr. H. (Hilde) Steenbergen 

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences


Drs. F. (Femke) Hemelaar 

Faculty of Philosophy


Dr. B. (Bettina) van Hoven  University College Groningen b.van.hoven
Mr. Dr. J.J. (Jaap) Dijkstra  Faculty of Law j.j.dijkstra
Dr. ir. E.W. (Erik) Meijles Spatial Sciences
Ir. C.T. (Chantal) Vrijhof  Campus Fryslân c.t.vrijhof
Student members

Thomas Jansen



Christopher de Bruijn

Student, University Council

Dewi Koster

Student assessor of the Board of the University

A. (Annita) Kobes Secretary

R.C. (Rutger) Klein Nagelvoort 

Director Education and Students cluster


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