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One of the goals in our Roadmap Sustainable University is to help our employees to travel as sustainable as possible: take the train or commute by bike. Nest to that, for the next years Groningen will see a lot of planned roadworks, causing overburdened roads and traffic jams. This is why we're asking everyone to go by bike or public transport whenever possible.

UG Accessible

Together with Groningen Bereikbaar we're planning lots of actions to keep Groningen accessible. The UG is encouraging employees to try out a bike, e-bike or public transport by letting them try it out for free. More information about the planned roadworks can be found here on Werkzaamheden Ring Zuid and via the Smart map.

For our employees there is a website to learn about all possible modes of transport, information about discounts on bikes or trying out an OV-kaart for free. We've recently added new provisions to the list. In 2022 staff members can use a discount code for off-peak hours in public transport and shared e-bikes have been placed at UG buildings, the central station and P+R locations.

Business travel policy

UG staff members travel many kilometres by plane each year. To reduce CO2 emissions and to encourage staff members to make more sustainable choices, the UG recently formulated a new travel policy. For all of the destinations that can be reached within 9 hours by train and/or are within a distance of 800 km, you may only travel by train. Also if the travel time by train is not longer than by plane, you must take the train. To make it easy for employees, the Green Office made a map and a decision tree. You can find these through the link below.

Mobility is a theme that is not just about employees. At the moment, for example, research is also being carried out into how different universities deal with the travel movements of Erasmus students and how sustainable behavior can be stimulated in this regard. On the basis of this, the RUG could decide to draw up a new policy on this.

Ambitions Sustainability Roadmap

➔ Encourage staff to make smart and Mobility sustainable choices regarding commuter transport

➔ From 16% CO2 emissions resulting from air travel in 2019 to 10% in 2026 (30% reduction)

➔ 100% CO2 compensation for all air travel by 2026

➔ Aim for fossil-free logistics by 2023, ahead of the Municipality of Groningen’s policy: emission-free logistics by 2025 – extend this proposed municipal policy from the city centre to all UG locations

A further translation of the Dutch side of this page wil follow.

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