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Faculty D&I representatives

A number of UG faculties have their own faculty diversity and inclusion representatives*. These staff members are current academic or support staff members who dedicate (part of) their time to D&I matters within the faculties. Their tasks are to assess the state of diversity and inclusion in their own faculties, to determine what has to be tackled within faculties themselves or at a central level, and to learn from one another. Some faculties are still busy with recruiting and appointing D&I representatives.


D&I representative


Beth Yoder
Janet Jackson

Behavioural and Social Sciences

Sabine Otten

Economics and Business

Ella Sebamalai

University College Groningen

Marian Counihan
Maria Ioannou

Campus Fryslan

Nick Emlen

Science and Engineering

Liza ten Velde
Eloïse Daumerie

Spatial Sciences

Louise Meijering
Björn de Kruijf


Laura Damiano

*These roles may be named differently across the faculties. E.g. at the Faculty of Law, they are named ‘Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion Officers’. At FSE, this is an additional task added to the Internationalization Policy Officer. At the Faculty of Medical Sciences/UMCG, a D&I team with a coordinator has been appointed. At UCG, Campus Fryslân, and Spatial Sciences, they are representatives of the D&I Committee.

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