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P. (Pelin) Gül, Dr

Assistant Professor
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My main research interests include the psychological foundations of gender relations and inequality. I approach these topics with a combination of ideas from social, cultural, and evolutionary psychology, using quantitative and qualitative research methods (e.g. lab experiments, vignette studies, surveys, observations, interviews).

My research is directed to finding new ways of increasing gender equality and women's empowerment by offering researchers and the general public a more nuanced understanding of why sexism, gender-based violence, and other (both explicit and implicit) discriminatory gender beliefs persist.

I enjoy collaborating on research that brings evolutionary psychology perspectives to existing research questions in social psychology around gender relations and sexism.

BA/MA students interested in conducting research on these topics, and those seeking international research experience are welcome to contact me.
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Contact information

Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands