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The Municipality of Ooststellingwerf

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‘A blueprint for new structures for thinking and working'

“We, the Municipality of Ooststellingwerf, are actively preparing for the new interaction between citizens, the municipality they live in, and politics. How can we change the direction of our policies from vision to implementation? How do you stimulate active collaboration? What characteristics does the ‘new municipal official’ have? How do you deal with the friction between us, policymakers and implementers, on the one hand and the political ambitions of the council and the municipal executive on the other hand? We actively foster social innovation and have confidence in our own strength. We do want to assess whether we are on the right track, though. That's why we invited Vinci's Eelko Huizingh to deliver a workshop. His analysis and recommendations are scientifically substantiated and surprisingly practice-oriented. For instance, he indicates very clearly which steps may be taken to remove hurdles in certain processes. That is something which we can build on - a beautiful blueprint for strategic human resources policies and new structures for thinking and working."

Marianne de Wilde | Municipality of Ooststellingwerf
Mens & Omgeving (Man & Environment) Department Manager / Deputy Town Clerk

Various franchise formats in several sectors , including department stores, outdoor recreation, supermarkets, chemist shops, confectioneries, toy shops and DIY firms.

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