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Centre of expertise Vinci

Faculty of Economics and Business
Facilitating innovation

What can we do for you?

We, Vinci Centre of Expertise, are experienced and adept at conducting scientific research in the field of cooperation in innovation and we will be happy to apply this expertise to your working practice. In cooperation with you, we create a climate which challenges your organisation to innovate; that is how we join up with you in thinking about a productive implementation of digital resources and create greater operational efficiency. Besides that, we see to it that our practice-oriented advice has a scientific foundation.

Depending on what the precise issue is, we set up a project, which is implemented by students and/or Vinci researchers.

Options for cooperation

Together with you, we will analyse the conditions for innovation in your organisation and identify which solutions and strategies have added value for you. Based on the ample experience which our experts have in conducting scientific research within an organisational setting in the field of our themes of expertise, they will be able to furnish effective improvements. In this way, we contribute to the future of your company.

While your request will lead to custom-made solutions at all times, we can roughly identify a number of types of cooperation.

- Inspirational sessions

We will be happy to deliver a workshop or lecture about innovation and how this fits within your current organisational structure. It does not matter whether you, as a business owner, want to create an atmosphere in which your employees can work in a more innovative manner or a municipality wants to find out how to provide its entrepreneurs with a more innovative climate.

- Student consultancy

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business can help you by implementing a project within your company. This is particularly suited for short-term projects with a clearly defined objective. It goes without saying that these students will be supervised by a Vinci staff member.

student consultancy

- Project implementation by staff members

When you are faced with more difficult innovation challenges, you may choose to mobilise the Vinci scientific staff. Our centre of expertise disposes of the knowledge and skills of a great many professors and internationally renowned researchers. Whether or not in cooperation with students, they will be happy to help you optimise your innovation policy and improve your strategic cooperative relationships. These projects will be carried out at a price to be agreed on.

- Fundamental research

Vinci provides you with the opportunity to set up projects in which a number of companies work together with the university for the purpose of developing new, ground-breaking concepts for the future. Thus, various companies and even an entire industry may benefit from the ideas and concepts which originally sprang from your organisational structure but were always too uncertain to invest your time and money in. The project must partially be financed by the participating companies; besides that, Vinci will try and raise subsidies for the project.

Various organisations have benefitted from our experts' scientific findings. On the occasion of a leadership day in the Municipality of Ooststellingwerf, for instance, we helped increase public servants' understanding of innovation. What makes an organisation an innovative organisation? How can managers open up their staff members' creative potential? How do you go about putting innovation management into practice? Your working practice may benefit from our scientific knowledge and innovative views. If you make use of our skills and expertise, we will encourage the innovation within your organisation together. Please contact us.

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