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Business meeting

Identifying the present situation

Facilitating innovations always starts with mapping out the present situation. To what extent do business owners currently innovate? Who is innovating and who isn't? What type of innovations do they create? What is going well and what isn't? What opportunities do business owners observe and what obstacles do they come across? And how can these obstacles be overcome?

Regional/sectoral innovation policy

On a range of levels, public and semi-public authorities and industry associations are actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in their working areas. A working area may be a region (a municipality or province), an industry sector (e.g. shipping or tourism) or a specific group of entrepreneurs (small and medium-sized enterprises or women). Frequently asked questions are: 'Who does what?'; 'How effective are the current policies?'; 'How can innovation policies be made more effective?'.

Supporting innovations

While a germinating seed may develop into an impressive tree, there is no guarantee that it will. Innovating businesses are doing things that they haven't done before. Therefore, targeted support can increase their chance of success and accelerate their future development. What problems do they come across? How can we make business owners aware of opportunities and threats? What types of support are effective?


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