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Centre of expertise Vinci

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Centre of Expertise Vinci | InnovationFacilitating innovation

Recent partnerships

1. SNN

In collaboration with the Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland; SNN), the Value in Collaborative Innovation (Vinci) Centre of Expertise of the University of Groningen has conducted research on the innovative strength of SMEs in the northern provinces of the Netherlands. This research aims to document the innovation competencies of a wide range of companies, to actively support companies in developing their innovation competencies and to intensify the collaboration between regional companies, the University of Groningen (RUG) and SNN around the theme of innovation.

SNN is in charge of implementing a number of incentive and subsidy schemes for industry and commerce, including the new European subsidy programme, OP EFRO 2014-2020. This programme focusses on encouraging innovations in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SNN aims to optimally attune this programme to the demands and needs of companies in the northern provinces of the Netherlands. Therefore, it is vital for SNN to have a clear picture of companies' innovation activities, investments and problems.

Click here for the research report.

2. Portugal

Pedro de Faria is conducting research on the effects of the closure of foreign multinational companies in Portugal. During a two-year project, researchers are trying to find out how the Portuguese economy deals with workers who are available for work when branches of a foreign multinational have closed down. The Francisco Manuel dos Santos fund is committed to help develop Portuguese society by stimulating research on the situation in Portugal.

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