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Secretarial & Administrative Services

Address:Grote Rozenstraat 15
9712 TG Groningen
The Netherlands


Adami, M.
Management assistant experimental psychology | Ethics committee BSS
Boer, L.
Secretary Director of Research Psychology/Project assistant
Geffen, J. van
Secretary Sociology / ICS
Halbersma, M.A.
Management assistant Research Master
Heimink-Groot, S.E.A.
Secretary Director of Teaching and Teaching Unit Psychology. Official secretary Educational Committee
Kip, B.S.
Coördinator Sociale- & Organisatiepsychologie
Kolk, B.A.E. van der
Management assistant PhD BSS
Moldovan, A.E., MA
Management Assistant Internships Pychology
Padding, J.
Research Administrator / Secretary
Piening, D.
Polling-Oosterloo, J.
management assistant faculty board/faculty beadle
Scheltens, M.
Communications officer SPO
Smit, C.M.
Management Assistant Teaching Unit Psychology and Organizational Psychology
Velthuizen-Geway, S.C., BSc
Management assistent | University Services Department | Research Support BSS
Vroome, M.M. de
Medewerker International Office
Werff, I.B. van der
Managementassistant dept. Clinical Psychology
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