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Energy Collaboration

Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme (GESP)

The current board members of GESP will form the scientific advisory board of the Wubbo Ockels School that is currently being founded.

Groningen Energy and Sustainable Programme (GESP)

GESP is the RUG platform for discussing and coordinating energy-related research and education. The objective of GESP is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, to facilitate the cooperation with external parties (such as industry and public authorities) and to advise the board of faculties and the university on strategic decisions regarding energy-related research, education and dissemination of research results.


GESP organizes regular platform meetings for RUG colleagues working on energy-related topics. In these meetings recent developments as well as ideas for future improvements are discussed. In particular, the platform meetings are used to discuss how the collaboration within research and education on energy can be fostered, how the cooperation with external parties from industry and public authorities can be enhanced and how the dissemination of research results to society can be improved. In addition, GESP advises the board of the university on strategic issues. Furthermore, the platform meetings are used to discuss the cooperation between the RUG and the New Energy Coalition.

Board of GESP

The board of GESP includes the following members:

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Philosophy, University College

University College


Scientific coordinator GESP: Leo Dvortsin

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