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A biotechnological overview of syngas fermentation

A Re-Look On The Biofuels: How Can Industrial Processes Underpin The Drive For Sustainable Development?

A technological outlook of biokerosene production

Strategies to boost anaerobic digestion performance of cow manure: Laboratory achievements and their full-scale application potential

A technological understanding of biofilm detection techniques: A Review

Co-digestion of cow and sheep manure: Performance evaluation and relative microbial activity

Comparison of the microbial communities in anaerobic digesters treating high alkalinity synthetic wastewater at atmospheric and high-pressure (11 bar)

Effect of temperature and organic load on the performance of anaerobic bioreactors treating grasses

Encapsulation of Lactobacillus casei (ATCC 393) by Pickering-Stabilized Antibubbles as a New Method to Protect Bacteria against Low pH

Fabrication of a Nitrogen and Boron-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Membrane-Less Amperometric Sensor for Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in a Microbial Fermentation

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Vegan melk van tarwezemel straks mogelijk

Is vegan melk van tarwezemel straks mogelijk?

Onderzoek naar vegan melk van tarwezemel

Royal Koopmans in Leeuwarden wil vegamelk van tarwe

Royal Koopmans onderzoekt vegan melk van tarwezemel

Plastic maken van suiker: RUG krijgt 1,2 miljoen euro voor onderzoek

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Academische ingenieurs voor de industrie van de regio

Recyclen haar onrendabel

Geen massagraf onder schoenzool

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