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Biotechnological and Medical Aspects of Lactic Acid Bacteria Used for Plant Protection: A Comprehensive Review

Clean and Safe Drinking Water Systems via Metagenomics Data and Artificial Intelligence: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspective: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspective

Effect of bioaugmentation combined with activated charcoal on the mitigation of volatile fatty acids inhibition during anaerobic digestion

Nitrogen and boron-doped reduced graphene oxide chemiresistive sensor for real-time monitoring dissolved oxygen in biological processes

Ovation of biopolymers in conterminous EU members via clustering of biotechnological advances: A mini-compendium

The impact of carbon to nitrogen ratios and pH on the microbial prevalence and polyhydroxybutyrate production levels using a mixed microbial starter culture

A biotechnological overview of syngas fermentation

A Re-Look On The Biofuels: How Can Industrial Processes Underpin The Drive For Sustainable Development?

A technological outlook of biokerosene production

Hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide as a sensing material for electrically transduced pH sensors

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