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Mentor program

Due to the corona measures the Welcome! programme for new staff members has been temporarily suspended. Consult the overview to help you find your feet at the University in the first weeks or ask your colleagues to get around at your job and in town.

Home country connections

PhD students can join activities by GOPHER (Groningen Organisation for PhD Education and Recreation) to connect with people from their home country.

Other ways to connect are via the workshops and social events of Dual Carreer Support, and the activiteis of Connect International. This organization also organizes events for families.

Family facilities

When bringing family members it is advisable to spend some time preparing their stay in the Netherlands in order to avoid delays. You need to take into account that issues such as visa requirements, insurance, finding work and schools need to be taken care of for each family member.

Information about family live in Groningen, activities for kids, language learning and other useful links and books.


The Corporate Academy offers courses for University of Groningen staff members to help you with planning and managing in your work, but also in personal development (for example the courses "Academic Leadership" and "Timemanage yourself and your work").

Confidential advisor

The Central Confidential Advisor plays a key role in the UG Integrity Policy. The confidential advisor is independent and not subordinate to any UG administrative unit. She is the first point of contact for staff members and students who are victims of undesirable behaviour or discriminatory treatment, who witness or suspect malpractices within the organization, or who are involved in a work-related conflict. Following an informal interview, the confidential advisor can support and guide staff members in submitting a formal complaint or reporting an incident.

From September 2021 onwards you can also call or email the independent Ombudsperson, Carolijn Winnubst. The Ombudsperson is easily accessible and can initially lend a sympathetic ear, while maintaining confidentiality. She can give advice and mediate as well as refer and carry out internal investigations when necessary and requested. Needless to say, that happens only with the permission of the person reporting or of the bystander. Unacceptable patterns of behaviour that can negatively influence a healthy and safe study and/or work climate are the main focus points of the Ombudsperson. Besides that, she can act as an independent discussion leader or process supervisor in order to clarify problems or solve difficulties, or, as mentioned earlier, to mediate.

Mental health counseling

Mirro's self-care modules provide online support if you are experiencing mental health problems or going through a difficult period. You can choose from 18 different topics, including anxiety, work stress or brooding and worrying. But there are also very useful modules for problems such as grieving, insomnia or relationship problems.

You will be asked to take a test at the beginning of each module. The test is designed to analyse your situation. The advice you will be given is therefore tailor-made: you will be advised to follow the parts of the module that correspond with your personal situation. In this way, the test ensures that you are given the guidance you need to set to work.

The modules consist of psycho-education, exercises, personal accounts, tests and tips.

Dual career support

The University of Groningen (UG) offers assistance and support to the accompanying spouses and partners of newly hired staff in their times of relocation and integration into their new life in Groningen.

Dual Career Support (DCS) facilitates career related workshops and voluntary positions, organizes networking events, provides language learning meetings, and other opportunities for the partners to develop themselves. We also offer information about local services, and local culture to help to smooth out their integration process.

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