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Academic leadership I

In-depth development for new leaders

Taking up a managing role in an academic context is rather a challenge, especially if you are an assistant professor or senior postdoc at the start of your academic career. How do you make sure that you develop not only as an academic but also as a manager? In both roles, more and more is expected from you. In addition, you will most likely have no actual power in your managing role. How can you gain influence nonetheless? How can you help people to develop and how do you build strategic networks? Where are your priorities and how do you keep an overview? How do you connect people? How do other people do this? In this practically oriented five-day training course, you will develop your leadership skills and learn to apply them effectively within your own context.


The training course consists of two blocks of two days each and a return day.. The first two days will be devoted to investigating your own personal leadership style and familiarizing yourself with other styles. In addition, we will practise with examples from your own day-to-day practice. After the first block, there will be some time to apply your new knowledge and skills in your work. In the second block, we will look back on this and you will acquire new knowledge. Exchanging practical examples once again will form an important component of this block. During the return day we look back on the first and second block and exchange experiences.

organizational awareness
result-driven management
networking skills
personal effectiveness


On completion of the training course:
✓ You will have got to know yourself as a leader and know how to connect the people around you.
✓ You will know what situational leadership is and be able to use it effectively.
✓ You will have mastered various different influencing styles and discussion techniques.
✓ You will be able to secure contracts, prioritize, and give feedback.
✓ You will have brought your leadership qualities to the next level.

Past participants have particularly valued the following components of the training course:
✓ reflecting on your leadership skills
✓ sharing experiences with colleagues
✓ discussion techniques
✓ room for discussing practical situations

More information


Module 1 on 21 and 22 May 2024
Module 2 on 24 and 25 June 2024
Return day on 10 September 2024

All days are from 9am to 5pm and include vegetarian lunch.


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Norman Building

Target group

Assistant professors (UD) and senior postdocs

Group size

Maximum of 12 participants

Language of instruction

English (unless all participants also speak Dutch)

Course fee

€ 1750


Anna Regina Groeneveld-Jousma and Daan Klein

More information

Marloes Siccama, trainer at HR Experts

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