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Coppes, R.P ., Roffel, A.F., Zeilstra, L.J.W., Vissink, A., Konings, A.W.T. Early radiation effects on muscarinic receptor-induced secretory responsiveness of the parotid gland in the freely moving rat. Radiat. Res., 153: 339-346.

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National publications:

Meurs, H., Hacken, N.H.T. ten. De klinische betekenis van stikstofmonoxide voor obstructieve longziekten. Pulmonair, 7: 16-19.


Chapter in books:

Roffel, A.F., Kraneveld, A.D., Blankenstein, W.M. Abstracts Dutch Pharmacological Society Meeting Lunteren. Fund. Clin. Pharmacol., 14: 43-61.



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