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Marketing Fellows

Name Keywords
Bijmolt, Prof.dr. Tammo Marketing, Research, Quantitative models, Retailing, Customer relationship management, Meta-analysis
Bolderdijk, Dr. Jan Willem Consumer behavior, Social marketing, Persuasion, Sustainability, Field experiments
Doorn, Prof.dr. Jenny van Customer satisfaction, Market research, Panel data analysis, International advertising
Fennis, Prof.dr. Bob Consumer behavior, Social influence, Persuasion
Gijsenberg, Dr. Maarten Advertising, Crises, Marketing dynamics, Econometric models, Bayesian statistics
Groot, Dr. Judith de Sustainable behaviour change and consumer behaviour
Haan, Dr. Evert de Digitale marketing, marketing attributie, ad blocking, (online) customer journey, (online) adverteren
Hartmann, Dr. Jochen Digital marketing, Unstructured data, Social media, Deep learning, Data science
Ittersum, Prof.dr. Koert van Consumer well-being, Consumer psychology, Consumption, Spending, New product marketing and branding
Leliveld, Dr. Marijke Decision-making, Ethics, Negotiation and Bargaining, Justice, Consumer Behavior
Moeini Jazani, Dr. Mehrad Consumer psychology, Strategic brand management, Consumers brand behavior, Experimental design & data analysis
Risselada, Dr. Hans Social networks, Social influence, Churn, Adoption, Marketing models
Shehu, Prof.dr. Edlira
Sloot, Dr. Laurens Retailing, Retail branding, Category management, Trade marketing, Private labels, Buyer-seller relationships
Verhoef, Prof.dr. Peter Customer relationship management, Customer loyalty, Customer behavior, Marketing, Marketing models
Wieringa, Prof.dr. Jaap Pharmaceutical marketing, Marketing model building, Time series analysis, Diffusion modelling, Statistical quality control, Six sigma
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