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I&O Fellows

Name Keywords
Belousova, Dr. Olga Corporate entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Corporate venturing, Entrepreneurship in healthcare & medical field, Orphan drug ventures
Biemans, Dr. Wim Business-to-business marketing, Product development, Market orientation, Relationships
Boonstra, Prof.dr. Albert Business, Organizational change, Information systems, Implementation, Health care
Broekhuizen, Dr. Thijs Channel choice, E-commerce, Online auctions, Mass customization, Social influence
Croonen, Dr. Evelien Small firm collaborative networks, Franchising, Strategy, Innovation and entrepreneurship
Estrada Vaquero, Dr. Isabel Collaboration for innovation, Multi-partner alliances, Collaborative routines and processes, Cooperative behavior
Faria, Prof.dr. Pedro de Innovation, Knowledge protection strategies, Cooperation, Firm capabilities, Multinational companies
Groen, Prof.dr. Aard Entrepreneurship, Network- and social system theory, Technology dynamics, Innovation process, Methods of business development support/societal impact of research output
Hage, Dr. Eveline Information system implementation, adoption and adaptation, Communication, Aging, Organizational change, Societal challenges
Huizingh, Dr. Eelko E-commerce, Database marketing, Marketing information, Decision support, Information systems
Langley, Prof.dr. David Innovation adoption, Social influence, Online social media, Herding behaviour, Online activism (slacktivism)
McCarthy, Dr. Killian

Mergers and acquisitions, Strategic alliances, Stock market reactions, Money laundering

Noseleit, Dr. Florian Entrepreneurship, New business formation, Innovation, Regional development, Structural change
Oehmichen, Prof.dr. Jana International corporate governance, incentive systems, board composition, ownership structure, strategic change
Offenbeek, Dr. Marjolein van Team learning, Structural change, Healthcare organization, Patterned systems contingency theory, Professional identity management and development
Schultze, Dr. Ulrike
Smailhodzic, Dr. Edin
Steinberg, Dr. Philip Corporate innovation strategies; Open innovation; Knowledge sourcing; Organizational boundaries of the firm; personal cognition within the innovation process
Vos, Dr. Janita Change Management, Implementation, Stakeholder Management, IS in healthcare
Wyrwich, Dr. Michael
Entrepreneurship, Innovation systems, Regional development, Long-term trajectories, Migration
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