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Staff of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology


Prof. dr. P.A.J. Attema (Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology)

Prof. dr. P. D. Jordan (chair)

Prof. dr. R.T.J. Cappers (Palaeobotany)

Dr. C. Çakirlar

Prof. dr. P. D. Jordan (Arctic Archaeology)

Dr. L. de Jong

Prof. dr. D.C.M. (Daan) Raemaekers (Archaeology of northwestern Europe)

Dr. P.M. van Leusen

Prof. dr. S. Voutsaki (Greek Archaeology)

Dr. M.J.J.E. Loonen

Dr. A. Nieuwhof

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Full professors
Prof. dr. P.A.J. (Peter) Attema Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36913
Prof. dr. P.D. (Peter) Jordan Arctic and Antarctic Studies 35954
Prof. dr. D.C.M. (Daan) Raemaekers Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36723
Prof. dr. S. (Sofia) Voutsaki Greek Archaeology 36726
Emeritus professors
Prof. dr. L. (Louwrens) Hacquebord Arctic and Antarctic Studies 36832
Prof. dr. H.R. (Reinder) Reinders Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36712
Professor by special appointment
Prof. dr. R.T.J. (René) Cappers Palaeobotany 36744
Prof. dr. H.A. (Henny) Groenendijk Archaeology & Society 39082
Prof. dr. G.J. (Gilles) de Langen Terp-mound Archaeology 39082
Prof. dr. H. (Hans) Huisman Soil Science 36712
Prof. dr. M. (Martijn) Eickhoff Archaeology and Heritage of War and Mass Violence 36712
Assistant professors and lecturers
Dr. S. (Stijn) Arnoldussen Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36714
Dr. C. (Canan) Çakirlar Archaeozoology 36732
Dr. L. (Lidewijde) de Jong Roman Archaeology 36051
Dr. P.M. (Martijn) van Leusen Landscape Archaeology 36717
Dr. M.J.J.E. (Maarten) Loonen Arctic Ecology 36056
Dr. E. (Elisabeth) van 't Lindenhout Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36055
Dr. J.A.W. (Johan) Nicolay Medieval Archaeology 37689
Dr. A.J. (Bert) Nijboer Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36045
Dr. J.H.M. (Hans) Peeters Archaeology of northwestern Europe 35961
Associate members
Dr. R.M. (Renée) Bekker Palaeobotany -
Dr. B. (Bilge) Hürmüzlü Greek Archaeology -
Prof. dr. J. (Hans)_van der Plicht Center for Isotope Research (CIO) 34730
Prof. dr. J. (Jan) Sevink Biodiversity and Ecology -
Name Specialization(s) Extension (050-36-XXXXX) Email
Dr. L. (Luca) Alessandri Latium Vetus in the Bronze Age and Iron Age, landscape archaeology, GIS application in archaeology -
Dr. N. O. (Nathalie) Brusgaard Stable Isotopic Analysis of Pre-Domestic and Domestic Pigs and Cattle in Dutch Contexts: Diet, Breeding Technology, and Mobility
Dr. S.P.A. (Sean) Desjardins Environmental archaeology; zooarchaeology; ethnoarchaeology; human ecology; Arctic North American prehistory; Neo-Inuit culture; traditional ecological knowledge and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit -
Dr. W. (Wouter) van Gorp GIS, geomorphology, landscape reconstruction, landscape evolution modelling -
Dr. J.P. (Jos) Kleijne Prehistory of coastal Northern Europe; Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age; Micromorphology, biogeochemistry; Prehistoric pottery, prehistoric metalwork
Dr. R. (Rocco) Palermo Archaeology of the Hellenistic and Roman Near East; Landscape Archaeology; Ancient Empires; Pottery Studies; GIS and Remote Sensing; Drones in Archaeology 36719
Dr. A. (Annet) Nieuwhof Terp archaeology, pre- and protohistory, pottery research, burial rituals 36788
Dr. P. (Voula) Tritsaroli Bioarchaeology, mortuary practices, paleopathology, Greece 32444
Name Specialization(s) Home University Email
Dr. J. (Jorien) Vonk Terrestrial and coastal biogeochemistry in Northern Siberia University of Utrecht
Name Research Group Extension (050-36-XXXXX) Email
M. (Marjolein) Admiraal MA Arctic and Antarctic Studies 35817
M. (Marco) Bakker MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36705
M. (Manon) Bondetti Arctic and Antarctic Studies -
M.R. (Maria Rosaria) Cinquegrana Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36716
M. (Maurizio) Crudo Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology -
Ö. (Özge) Demirci Arctic and Antarctic Studies 36834
S. J. (Sarah) Dresscher MA Arctic and Antarctic Studies 35114
J. (Jack) Dury Arctic and Antarctic Studies -
A.L. (Agnese) Fischetti Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology -
A.M. (Annette) Hansen MSc Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36098
F.B.J. (Frits) Heinrich MA, MSc Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36098
M.M.A. (Merit) Hondelink Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36098
M. (Margje) de Jong Arctic and Antarctic Studies -
O. (Olivia) Jones MA Greek Archaeology -
A.O. (Aripekka) Junno Arctic and Antarctic Studies 36834
V. (Vana) Kalenderian MSc Greek Archaeology -
S. (Safoora) Kamjan Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36709
A. (Angelique) Kaspers Archaeology of northwestern Europe
T.N. (Tessa) Krol M.A. Archaeology of northwestern Europe -
E. (Liz) Lawton-Matthews MA Greek Archaeology 36709
M.H. (Maddie) Llewellin Arctic and Antarctic Studies 36834
S.G. (Steven) Matthews MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe -
Drs. N. (Neeltje) Oome Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology -
Drs. A. (Alice) Overmeer Archaeology of northwestern Europe -
Y. (Yftinus) van Popta MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36712
M. (Manuela) Ritondale Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology 36709
E.H. (Eirik) Roe Arctic and Antarctic Studies 36834
K. (Karla) de Roest MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe 33008
I.L. (Iris) Rom Greek Archaeology 35941
C. (Cecelia) Sandström Arctic and Antarctic Studies 35817
Drs. O. (Olaf) Satijn Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology -
T. (Taravat) Talebi Seyyedsaran MSc Archaeology of northwestern Europe
T. (Theun) Varwijk MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe 36705
K.M. (Karen) de Vries MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe 33009
X. (Xenia) Weber Arctic and Antarctic Studies -
Drs. H.W.M. (Hans) van Westing Archaeology of northwestern Europe -
W.B. (Wouter) Waldus Archaeology of northwestern Europe -
I. (Inger) Woltinge MA Archaeology of northwestern Europe -
Name Research Group Extension (050-36-XXXXX) Email
R. (Roza) Laptander Arctic and Antarctic Studies -
Name Office Extension (050-36-XXXXX) Email
Drs. M.L.J. (Marloes) Bergmans Student advisor Archaeology 35932 Contact form
S.A. (Sylvia) Blomsma Palaeobotany lab 36741
S.E. (Siebe) Boersma Drawing office 37684
E. (Erwin) Bolhuis Drawing office, field technician 37686
M.A. (Miriam) Los-Weijns Drawing office 36730
A. (Arnoud) Maurer Palaeobotany lab 36741
Drs. G.J.M. (Gert) van Oortmerssen Laboratory for Conservation & Material Studies 36048
K. (Kirsten) van der Ploeg Documentation 36713
E.E. (Esther) Scheele Archaeozoology lab 36731
Dr. A.J.M. (Annette) Scheepstra Coordinator Willem Barentsz Pool Instituut 35826
Drs. F. (Frits) Steenhuisen AMAP/GIS 36056
S. (Sander) Tiebackx Drawing office, field technician 36054
Drs. F. (Flip) Kramer Research coordinator Groningen Institute of Archaeology 36712

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