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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology

We are an enthousiastic group of researchers from different parts of the world. The head of our research department is Prof. Gerrit J. Poelarends.

What kind of research?

The cell as producer and target for pharmaceuticals is the main part of our research. A great part of the research projects is done in collaboration with research labs and industries across Europe. 

The research of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology basic unit can be divided into the following four research lines:

  • Gene Therapy
  • Medicinal Chemistry en Chemical Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology - September 2019
Basic unit Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology (CPB) - 2021
Third row from left to right: Kaatje Knol (S), Deng Chen, Hidde Haisma, Wim Quax, Petra Ettema, Michele Crotti, Faizan Bhat, Alex Prats Lujan, Michael Runda, Nika Sokolova, Chunlong Zhao, Sadaf Deravi (S), Veronika Chadimová, Jurriaan Varekamp (S)
Second row from left to right: Frank Dekker, Kristina Haslinger, Siqi He, Fabíola Zuchi, Pieter Tepper, Jan Vogel, Damiano Baroni, Fengzhi Suo, Feyza Özgen, Eleonora Grandi, Hangyu Zhou
First row from left to right: Angelina Osipyan, Bo Peng, Dewy Robers, Guangcai Xu, Laura Bothof, Marie Sigmund, Rita Setroikromo, Jianqiu Zhang, Anne-Sophie Bekhof (S), Sara Russo, Xiaofang Gong, Ting He
S = Student
Gerrit Poelarends
Sandy Schmidt
Robbert Cool
Michela Borghesan
Van Merkerk
Ronald van Merkerk
Riccardo Iacovelli
Eline Kos
Franziska Meier
Matteo Vajente
Xiao Li
Xiao Li
Riccardo Clerici
Riccardo Clerici
Niels de Kok
Niels de Kok
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