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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology

The research group Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology (CPB) consists of an enthusiastic group of researchers from different parts of the world. The scientific staff currently includes two full professors (Prof. Gerrit J. Poelarends and emeritus Prof. W.J. Quax), one associate professor (Dr. F.J. Dekker), and three assistant professors (Dr. K. Haslinger, Dr. S. Schmidt and Dr. P. Fodran).

In addition, 2 postdocs, 4 technicians and 25 PhD students are members of the research group. The head of the CPB research group is Prof. Gerrit J. Poelarends.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology - September 2019
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology basic unit (2023)

Fourth row from left to right: Leon Elzinga (S), Matteo Vajente, Chunlong Zhao, Zhengyang Wu, Deng Chen, Abdelrahman Elsayed, Alvan Shalas, Michael Runda, Bo Peng, Ronald van Merkerk, Niels de Kok, Frank Dekker, Nika Sokolova
Third row from left to right: Jesper Martens (S), Jesse van der Velde, Pieter Tepper, Riccardo Iacovelli, Maria Founti (S), Elizaveta Barykina (S), Xiao Li, Wim Quax, Kristina Haslinger
Second row from left to right: Massimo di Mascio, Eline Kos, Petra Ettema, Rita Setroikromo, Hangyu Zhou, Jianqiu Zhou, Laura Bothof, Christiana Psomiadou (S), Ting He, Yongxin Li, Xiaofang Gong
First row from left to right: Bart Bakker (S), Gerrit Poelarends, Siqi He, Fengzhi Suo, Nour Al Hashimi (S), Angelina Osipyan, Sandy Schmidt, Veronika Chadimová, Damiano Baroni, Charitomeni Angeli, Peter Fodran

S = Student
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