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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology - September 2017
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology - September 2017

Front row, from left to right: Linda Dijkshoorn, Ronald van Merkerk, Wim Quax, Bin Liu, Frank Dekker, Joko Wibowo, Adreas Kunzendorf

Second row, from left to right:: Pieter Tepper

Third row, from left to right::Saravan Thangavelu, Yizhou Wang, Hegar Pramastya, Hidde Haisma, Haigen Fu, Gerrit Poelarends, Jielin Zhang

Fourth row, from left to right:: Rita Setroikromo, Yafeng Song, Dan Xue, Shanshan Song, Cherry Chen, Fangyan Cao, Olivia Diaz, Brenda Zhang, Tjie Kok Go, Muhammad Saifuddin, Ingy Abdallah, Zainal Abidin

Back row, from left to right:Jan Vogel, Ykelien Boersma, Magda Wojcik, Robbert Cool, Hao Guo, Petra Ettema, Matthijs Pals, Martijn Zwinderman, Abel Soto Gamez.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology

We are an enthousiastic group of researchers from different parts of the world. The head of our researchdepartment is Professor dr. Wim Quax.

What kind of research?

The cell as producer and target for pharmaceuticals is the main part of our research. A great part of the researchprojects is done in cooperation with research labs and industry in Europe.

The research of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology contains four research lines:

  • Gene-therapy
  • Medicinal Chemistry en Chemical Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology

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