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The research of the department Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology part of Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP).

This research institute forms, together with the dicipline groups of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE).

The research of our department contains the following four research lines:

For the manipulation of the genome is the adenovirus used as the vector. This virus, the common cold virus, is changed in a way that it can be applied save and relative is the most efficient vector for gene transfer. Unfortunately the adenoviral infection is not so efficient that 100% of all ill cells can be treated, something which is in special needed by the treatment of cancer. The research aim is focused on the transgene transmission. With this we want effectuate an efficient spread for the gene product and we use technics as cloning, protein expression and cell culture.

Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Signal transduction cascades are regulated by reversible modifications of proteins. The modifications take place by the activity of enzymes. In our research we check the nuclear factor (NF-kappaB) signal transduction cascade and the role of protein modifications in the regulation of this cascade. As starting point we take the anti-cancer medicine Vorinostat which react on protein aceylerics. Our research is focused on the adjustment of this medicines to infection diseases. We investigate the role of sources that react on protein acetylerics in cellular infection models using PCR, western blot, fluorescentiomics, microscopy and mass spectrometry.

Plant biotechnology

The analysis of biosynthesis products are very important in all research lines. Specific analysis methods like HPLC and GC are developed and optimized. For the identification of natural products we use several advanced methods like GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR. Besides that electrophorese and specific bio assays are used.

Molecular biology
This research line is about the creation of biological diversity by in vitro evolution technics. This research is applied on enzyme/substrate interactions, on therapeutic proteins and on receptor/ligand bindings. Eventually the purpose is to improve the activity and effectivity of pharmaceutical proteins and enzymes by protein engineering. Herewith the DNA of these proteins will be mutated, after which mutants with an improved activity can be selected. These mutants will be characterized further with analysis methods (GC, HPLC, UV, SPR) or tested in cell assays.

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