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'Model Systems' (SEP)

Information about the course ‘Model Systems in Aging Research’

In this course, students will be exposed to 12 lectures on various model organisms used in ageing research, including C. Elegans, Yeast, Drosophila, Macrostomum, and Mouse. Furthermore, students will lean about how large datasets (human, mouse) are used in this field as well. Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the model systems and furthermore, how they are used in ageing research. Following each seminar students will discuss, together with a teacher in groups of up to 10 students, a relevant paper using the discussed model system. Finally, all students will enroll in a total of 2 rotations (in groups of 2 students) in one of the labs in ERIBA. These rotations serve to learn more about two of the discussed model systems. During these rotations, which will take 1 week, half days per rotation, students will find out for themselves how the various model organisms are used in ageing research by tagging along with researchers or by doing an experiment themselves. These mini-rotations will be scheduled during the first lecture, where we will try to accommodate your preferences for labs/ model organism as much as possible.


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