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Education Honours College Bachelor's Honours Programme

On the Frontiers of Knowledge

The Honours College is a diverse and inclusive community of interdisciplinary learning and personal development in an international setting.

The Bachelor's Honours Programme is designed for talented and motivated and ambitious students who want to get more from their studies and challenge themselves through interdisciplinary academic learning and personal development activities.

About the programme

The Bachelor’s Honours Programme is a 2,5 year complementary programme of 30 EC* that you can follow alongside your regular Bachelor’s degree programme and outside your regular classes without having to pay an extra tuition fee. This interdisciplinary programme consists of a faculty component (Deepening Part, 15 EC) in which you follow the Honours Programme within your own faculty, and (the Broadening Part, 15 EC) of the Bachelor's Honours Programme in which students learn how to approach a problem relevant to science or society from different perspectives. This includes specific Summer School offered by the faculties, and this is followed by the Workshop (’atelier’) in smaller groups. This track concludes with the Honours Festival, a public event at which all Honours students present their findings and knowledge to a wide-ranging audience and engage in a debate about their work.

No matter what you end up choosing, at the Honours College, together with students from different faculties and disciplines, you will not only study your own discipline in greater depth, but you will also look into societal and scientific challenges from different disciplinary angles.

* The 30 EC Honours Programme will take place as of the academic year 2023-2024. If you have joined the Honours Programme earlier, you will follow a 45 EC programme, with 25 EC and 20 EC for the Deepening and Broadening part respectively.


The Benefits

As an Honours student, you will participate in the evenings in intensive hands-on small-group teaching of like-minded and motivated students from a wide range of backgrounds, and across disciplines. In the Broadening Part, personal development will be a key theme. It offers you broadening and deepening of your knowledge and development of your academic skills and mindset, study trips abroad, and attention is paid to your personal development.

After completing the Honours Programme, you will receive an Honours mention on your Bachelor's Diploma Supplement along with a Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of the Honours College, and a medal. This gives you a head start when applying for a position in academia, science, business, or the public sector.

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