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University Medical Center Groningen

(D)MD/PhD programme

The medical and dental sciences are rapidly evolving. Innovations from in and outside the field are continuously being incorporated into the (D)MD’s daily practice. To ensure ongoing leading research in our (university) medical centers and translation of new technology into the clinic, we need medical professionals that can work at the intersections as clinician-scientists.

The (D)MD/PhD programme of the UMCG Graduate School of Medical Sciences aims to provide the skills required to become a clinician-scientist to early career medical and dental students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the RUG. It offers them the unique opportunity to combine their Medicine or Dentistry master with a PhD-training in an innovative research field.

For whom?

In this ambitious programme, two years of fully funded research are added to the last two years of the regular Medicine or Dentistry master. Thereby, the (D)MD/PhD programme offers students the opportunity to become a specialist in medical or dental research already during their master, setting the stage for a future career as clinician-scientist. Obviously, this is a challenging programme. We are therefore looking for talented and motivated students that can efficiently combine research and study, and have the ambition to have a career as both a clinical specialist and a scientist. Or in other words, these students have a future in mind as a (dental) clinician-scientist at a university medical center, or want to remain involved in research while working as dentist, GP, or medical specialist at a regional hospital.

Key qualifications

In addition to motivation and talent, there are further requirements for students considering submitting a (D)MD/PhD application. No study delays at the beginning of M1 are allowed. Further, applicants must have already established a strong relationship with the department/(co-)promotors at which the PhD project will be performed. Tangible evidence for this and the student’s aptitude for research, comes in the form of a submitted or published first author paper with the intended department and supervisors. This means that prior research must have been carried out during and in addition to the regular education years B1 to B3 of the medicine or dentistry bachelor, or early during the master. A systematic training programme (partly curricular, partly extracurricular) that can help achieving these goals is offered by the Junior Scientific Masterclass . In addition, under certain circumstances there is the possibility for medical students to carry out an early M3 stage wetenschap (research clerkship) before starting the M1 junior clerkships. For further details about requirements, see under application procedure .

Being part of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences

All PhD students at the UMCG, including those pursuing a (D)MD/PhD, are registered at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS). The GSMS is committed to offering a high-quality training environment for its PhD students, making sure that students also develop professional and personal competences that go beyond scientific knowledge. Together with the supervisor(s), the PhD student designs a tailored Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) that helps the student achieve this goal. Furthermore, overall progress of the PhD project is monitored through regular Result and Development interviews. The online tool Hora Finita is used to keep track of all milestones of the PhD project.

Submission deadline

(D)MD/PhD applications can be submitted twice a year. Please refer to this website for upcoming submission deadlines.

The next deadline is at noon, June 1st 2023.


Dr. Sophia Bruggeman, Graduate School of Medical Sciences

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