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Junior Scientific Masterclass
Junior Scientific Masterclass

Welcome to the Junior Scientific Masterclass (JSM) Programme!

If you are eager to advance your scientific training, explore clinical research, and interact with like-minded students and established (clinical) scientists, then you've come to the right place!

The Junior Scientific Masterclass (JSM) Programme offers a unique opportunity for students enrolled in the bachelor's degree in Medicine and Dentistry to enhance their scientific training beyond the regular curriculum and prepare for the MD/PhD trajectory.

Through the JSM Programme, you can:

  • Explore the integration of scientific research and clinical care
  • Engage in hands-on research projects under the supervision of established (clinician) scientists
  • Deepen your scientific knowledge and develop your research skills
  • Tailor training to your individual interests and career goals

Opportunities offered by the JSM Programme

The JSM Programme offers numerous courses, research opportunities, and networking and mentoring activities to develop your scientific knowledge and skills. Courses cover advanced topics, in, for example, epidemiology, cardiology, and immunology. The programme also allows you to further develop your scientific reading, writing, and presentation skills.
Through hands-on research projects, called Pilot projects, you conduct your own research under the supervision of experienced (clinician) scientists. Finally, through networking and mentorship activities, you build long-lasting connections.

You can see the full range of available courses in Ocasys. Via Progress, you can enroll in courses.

By completing 30 ECTS of required and elective courses in the JSM Programme, you will receive the JSM Programme mention on your bachelor's diploma.

The JSM Programme: A link to the Bachelor's Honours Programme

If you’re interested in broadening your medical education and interacting with students and experts from diverse disciplines, then the Bachelor's Honours Programme may be right for you. The JSM Programme contributes to the Bachelor's Honours Programme by offering the deepening part of the honours curriculum. Admission to the Bachelor's Honours Programme is by selection in the second semester of your first year of study. By completing 15 ECTS of the deepening part and 15 ECTS of broadening part of the honours curriculum, you will receive the Honours mention on your bachelor's diploma.

The JSM Programme: A stepping stone to the MD/PhD trajectory

The JSM Programme is your stepping stone to the MD/PhD trajectory, a programme that allows you to complete your master’s in medicine alongside your PhD. Admission to the MD/PhD programme is by selection with application rounds twice a year.

Getting involved

If you’re a student interested in joining the JSM Porgramme, please check the schedule for upcoming introduction sessions (organized at the start of each semester) and networking events (organized year round). You can also email us at j.s.masterclass

If you’re a (clinician) scientist who would like to become (more) involved in the JSM Programme, by either organizing courses, offering research projects, contributing to networking and mentorship activities, or simply sharing your thoughts, please email us at j.s.masterclass More information is also available via the UMCG intranet.

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