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University Medical Center Groningen

Overview educational programme

Institute for Medical Education, UMCG
Institute for Medical Education, UMCG

JSM Bachelor 'Honours' programme*,**
The JSM Bachelor 'Honours' programme, which started in September 2006, is a challenging scientific training programme that builds on and runs parallel to the regular Bachelor in Medicine degree programme. The 'Honours' programme aims to involve motivated students in the clinical research of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) virtually from the start of their studies. The 'Honours' programme intends to train students at an early stage in the basic skills they will need to embark on a career as physician-scientist.

Educational programme

Year 1
JSM newsflash (2 ECTS)
-  Triple-B lectures (6 lectures) (1 ECTS)
-  Course 'Literature searches - what strategy?' (1 ECTS)
-  Philosophy of Science and Epistemology: an Introduction (3 ECTS)
-  How to conduct science(3 ECTS)
-  TTT projects (3 ECTS)

Year 2

-  Triple-B lectures (6 lectures) (1 ECTS)

-  Critical Reading Classes (1 ECTS)

-  COMPASS course (3 ECTS)

-  Laboratory Course (4 ECTS)

-  Patient-related Research (1 or 4 ECTS)

-  JSM Don Quixote projectgroups (2 ECTS)

-  Pilot project (6 + 1 ECTS)

-  Science Electives (3 ECTS);

  • 'B-cell lymphomas'

  • 'Nuclear Medicine'

  • 'Critical Thinking'

  • 'Surgery in elderly'

  • 'Exploring the mind: research in psychiatry'

  • 'Radiology'

  • 'Introduction to computer programming in medicine'

  • 'Kikker is ziek een systematic review over lichamelijke klachten in kinderboekjes'

Year 3

- New drug for heart failure? (2 ECTS)

- Critical Reading Classes (1 ECTS)

-  Scientific Writing Course (2 ECTS)

-  Medical Statistics (2 ECTS)

-  Clinical Epidemiology (2 ECTS)

-  Laboratory Animal Science (4 ECTS)

-  Radiation Protection (4 ECTS)

-  Scientific Integrity: dilemma’s and temptations (2 ECTS)

-  Pilot project (6 + 1 ECTS)

-  COMPASS course (3 ECTS)

- Science Electives (3 ECTS);

  • 'Macromolecular Interactions in Human Disease'

  • 'Diagnostics of the future

  • 'B-cell lymphomas'
  • 'Macromolecular Interactions in Human Disease'
  • 'Model systems'

JSM MD/PhD programme

The JSM MD/PhD programme offers students the opportunity to combine their Master phase with a Ph.D.-training to obtain a (D.)M.D. and Ph.D. degree upon completion.

* In order to qualify for the ‘Honours’ predicate, students must earn at least 30 ECTS within the JSM Bachelor ‘Honours’ programme. At least 10 ECTS each must be earned in modules from both year 2 and year 3. Also, at least one pilot project must be part of the programme and the course Scientific Integrity (year 3) must be successfully completed. The BSc programme in combination with the ‘Honours’ programme has a study load of at least 210 ECTS.

** The number of places in the various JSM courses and activities is limited. Students must register for these courses and activities in advance via Nestor. Students who have registered for a course or activity but are unable to participate must inform the JSM about this and include their reasons and/or motivation for non-participation. Those who cancel their participation too late or do not turn up without notice will receive a fail mark for the JSM module or activity concerned. Students who have twice cancelled their participation without motivation, too late or without proper notice of absence will be excluded from the Bachelor ‘Honours’ programme.

Students who wish to carry out one or more individual PPOPs (‘Keuzeprojecten’) in their second and third years can use modules from the Bachelor ‘Honours’ programme for this purpose. The module concerned must have a study load of at least 3 ECTS credit points and the student must submit a request to the PPOP committee. If a module from the JSM Bachelor ‘Honours’ programme is taken as part of PPOP, the credit points earned for this module cannot count towards the ‘Honours’ programme.

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