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Triple-B lectures, Year 1


Triple-B or BBB stands for: 'From Bed to Bench and Back'. In these Triple-B lectures the emphasis will be on how scientific research (bench) and the clinical practice (bed) are interrelated. In the first and second year of the Bachelor Medicine six Triple-B lectures are organised.


The aim of the Triple-B lectures is to give students an understanding of how a medical problem from the clinical setting initiates fundamental or applied scientific research in a University Medical Centre and how this research results in knowledge that is transferred back into improved patient care.


By the end of series of six Triple-B lectures, a student will have gained an understanding of the interactions between fundamental and applied scientific research and the application of results from such research in advanced patient care. The student is able to mention and explain one or more examples of such applications.


In each Triple-B lecture a doctor/medical researcher tackles how a clinical problem was translated into a research question and also how the results of such research has influenced patient care afterwards. The Triple-B lectures in year 2 are at a higher level than the ones in year 1.


Each Triple-B lecture has an assignment consisting of multiple choice questions. Students are allowed two weeks to complete the assignment and hand it in to the Junior Scientific Masterclass on Nestor.


Students who complete at least 5 of the 6 assignments satisfactorily will earn 1 EC counting towards the JSM Bachelor ‘Honours’ programme.


From september 2011 onwards, the JSM Triple-B lectures are published on Nestor.


You don’t need to register for a Triple-B lecture. All students may attend.


prof. dr. J.J. Schuringa,
Heamatology Research

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