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Healthy ageing with regard to older unemployed

Researcher: Velterop, N.
Project leaders:
Research period: 2012-2017
Financier: -


A considerable part of the Dutch population between age 50 and 65 does not participate in paid employment: in 2009 the net labour participation was 50% for persons age 55-65 and 68% for persons age 45-55 (Gelderblom, Collewet & De Koning, 2011). Older unemployed persons looking for a job have little chance on getting reemployed. Although they apply for a job as much as younger unemployed persons do, they get less invitations for job interviews (UWV-Kennisverslag 2011-II). The unemployment state of older persons endures much longer than that of younger persons (Gelderblom e.a., 2011). The population of older unemployed is vulnerable considering healthy ageing, because they are risking long-term exclusion from the labour market. In addition, health interventions aimed at employees will not reach them so they are not able to profit from these interventions. The aim of this study is to contribute to promoting the labour participation of older unemployed persons (age 50+), in particular in the north of the Netherlands, and to increase their chances on ‘healthy ageing’. We would like to establish this by connecting explicitly with their values with regard to their social participation and their perceived health.

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