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University Medical Center Groningen

Decreasing renal function - the role of socio-economic and psychological determinants, and implications for participation in social and work lives

Researcher: Vart, P.
Project leaders:
Research period: 2012-2015
Financier: UMCG


Considering the increasing burden of chronic renal disease, its preventable nature and adverse effect on daily life, our project will aim to focus on the decreased renal function, its determinants (in particular socioeconomic status and psychological) and will also provide some insight into the social and work lives of this population subgroup. The project will attempt to fill the gap in understanding of the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease and the role of socioeconomic status, age, comorbidities and social support in determining social and work participation.

Therefore, we will focus on the role of socioeconomic status in determining the chronic kidney disease/reducing renal function risk in a population and will be investigating the causal pathways mediating the association between socioeconomic statuses and reducing renal function. We will also investigate causal role of depression in occurrence of decreasing renal function. Furthermore, we are aiming to explore the social and work participation of this population subgroup with particular focus on the effects of age and socio-economic status, and determine the role of comorbidities (like diabetes, obesity, depression, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases) in reduced participation.

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