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Research Health Sciences Community and Occupational Medicine
University Medical Center Groningen

Shift your work: Toward sustainable work participation by new shift systems

Researcher: H.A. van de Ven
Project leaders:
Research period: 2010-2015
Financier: ZonMw


Many organizations in The Netherlands use night and shift work schemes. These irregular schedules are burdening to workers, due to the disturbance of biological and social circadian rhythms. A relatively high percentage of workers develop health and social problems. Furthermore, workers in irregularity are often engaged in physically straining work. This causes workers to choose for a day-time schedule or even to leave the labour market. These effects increase with age. With the increasing ageing of the workforce, companies and  society cannot afford to lose older workers. They are needed to compensate for the increasing shortage on the labour market and to keep the social security system affordable. The objective of this project is to contribute to an increased, sustainable and healthy work participation of older workers, within the context of irregular night and shift work. In collaboration with TNO and five participating companies we will first investigate the factors that contribute to health and social outcomes. Based on these factors an assessment tool will be developed, applied and evaluated aiming to design and implement sustainable, healthy and productive night and shift rosters. In addition strengths and limitations of the shift system changes will be indentified.

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