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University Medical Center Groningen

The implementation and evaluation of a program for Multiproblem families within the Netherlands

Researcher: Evenboer, K.E.
Project leaders:
Research period: 2014-2015
Financier: -


Multiproblem families often experience difficulties within various areas of life, like socio-economic deprivation, psychosocial problems, parenting problems, domestic violence and crime. The problems of these families have a negative influence on public health, the quality of life and the social participation of these families. A systematic review of the literature provided an overview of potentially effective elements of interventions for multiproblem families. However, there is no evidence-based intervention available that is capable of improving the functioning of these families within these various areas of life.

In this study a protocol for assessing and monitoring the functioning of multiproblem families within various areas will become available. In addition, a program will be elaborated based on the results of the literature review regarding potentially effective elements of care for multiproblem families and the Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) method. The program will be implemented within several municipalities in the Netherlands, whereby attention will be paid to factors that hinder or stimulate the implementation of the program. In conclusion, knowledge will be gathered on the potential effectiveness of this program for multiproblem families.

Last modified:25 February 2015 4.33 p.m.