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About us Faculty of Law Research Centres of Expertise Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law


mr. J. Broekhuizen PhD Researcher / Partner at Kennedy van der Laan
prof.dr. H.E. Broring Professor of Integrative Law Studies
prof.dr. B.P. de Bruin Professor of Financial Ethics
mr. M.E. Buit PhD Researcher / Coordinator of the Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law
prof.dr. O.O. Cherednychenko Professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law / Director of the Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law
prof.dr. A. Colombi Ciacchi Professor of Law and Governance
prof.dr. O. Couwenberg Professor of Governance and Geography / Dean Faculty of Spatial Sciences
prof.dr. J.P. Franx Professor of Securities Law / Partner at FG Lawyers
prof.dr. L.W. Gormley Emeritus Professor of European Law
prof.dr. C.L.M. Hermes Professor of International Finance
prof.dr. M.L.M. Hertogh Professor of Socio-Legal Studies
prof.dr. L.M. Herzog Professor of Philosophy
mr.dr. C.E. de Jager Assistant Professor
dr. M.M. Kramer

Senior Lecturer / Researcher

prof.dr. M.L. Lennarts

Professor of Comparative Company Law

prof.dr. C.M.D.S. Pavillon

Professor of Private Law, in particular Consumer Law

mr. M. van der Plas

PhD Researcher

mr.dr. A. Tollenaar Associate Professor and Deputy Director Groningen Graduate School of Law
mr. dr. I. Visser Assistant Professor
prof.dr. F. de Vries Professor of Regulatory Enforcement / Senior Partner @samhoud
mr.dr. M.W. Wallinga Researcher / Lawyer at Stibbe Amsterdam
prof.dr. S.E. Weishaar Professor of Law and Economics
prof.dr. H.B. Winter Professor of Public Administration
prof.dr. M.H. Wissink Professor of Private Law / Procurator General at the Dutch Supreme Court
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